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Monday, July 03, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
An Instrument of Divine, Seeking to Serve
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July 3, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

I’ve long resonated with the words of Tom Montalk (http://montalk.net).  Tom (Montalk) describes himself as “a fellow truth seeker on a quest to expose the dark and empower the light. His primary goal is to help others arm themselves with knowledge to better fulfill their evolutionary potential.  After studying physics and electrical engineering for four years, he left college to pursue more independent research. His interests include spirituality, quantum and scalar physics, alienology, alchemy, gnosticism and hermeticism, forbidden history, and composing music.”  When someone provided a link to one of Tom’s articles on Facebook in recent weeks, I didn’t hesitate to click and start reading.  I soon realized that “STO, STS, and Densities,” published on Tom’s site on March 14, 2015 at http://montalk.net/metaphys/267/sto-sts-and-densities, was something I wanted to print and did so before I’d read more than one or two sections.  The following are some of the sections of this excellent article, accompanied by excerpts.

Why is the idea of “density” necessary?  Consider the following phenomena: Elementary particles, such as electrons or protons, which display no sentience beyond fluctuating unpredictably at the quantum level. Minerals, which exhibit a highly ordered structure, grow, reproduce, and can exhibit a subtle energy field. Plants, which are alive, demonstrate a growth pattern toward light, and exhibit basic reflexive reactions to stimuli. Bacteria, which are alive and show autonomous motion and rudimentary intelligence, more so than plants, minerals, or elementary particles. Animals, which in the case of dogs, cats, elephants, dolphins, etc. show sentience, emotional sensitivity, memory, and a will to live. Humans, who possess the capacity for self-reflection, self-awareness, self-determination. […] Astral beings ranging from basic parasites and critters to humanoid characters of hostile or benevolent natures. Demons, who range from imp-like minions to chthonic overlords and are the personifications of evil, antilife, antispirit, darkness, and entropy.  Angels, who are completely nonphysical and demonstrate perfect congruence with divine ethics and can surgically edit our reality if divine intervention requires it. Higher Self, which is stationed at the end of our personal spiritual evolution and reaches back/down through time to help its past/lower projections still immersed in the human experience. Demiurge, the pseudo-intelligent soul or quantum field of the universe that sustains physical existence as we currently know it. [These are both] Positive and negative beings, whose existence indicates that a duality exists between those who choose to assist and those who choose to exploit others. Infinite Creator, who is infinitely sentient and both permeates all of Creation and exists timelessly beyond it.  Now, organize these phenomena into a coherent framework that shows the relation among all its parts, and do this via the simplest system possible that accounts for all those parts. What you end up with is something like the density / STO / STS system. It is not the only possible interpretation, but it’s useful and provides a working framework.

Don’t we all have the same godspark, making categorization unnecessary?  We may all be One in origin and essence, but we vary in the expression, form, function, polarity, and intensity of that fundamental spark. That is because we all have different life histories. And once lifeforms acquire self-awareness and freewill, they make different choices in response to their circumstances. So we are unified at the trunk, but diverse at the branches. We are a unified diversity, and classification is needed to better understand that diversity and the relation among its parts.

Where did this paradigm originate? Truth must be extracted and assembled from various sources to build the simplest and most elegant theory explaining all that requires explaining, that continually proves itself in the face of new experiences and information.

What is a density? It denotes a certain degree of sentience. Just as biology divides physical life into six kingdoms, so can we divide conscious life into at least seven densities. Why seven? Because that is the minimum number of classifications needed to account for the plurality of physical and nonphysical lifeforms we know about. There may be more, but there are no less.

What are STO [Service-to-Others] and STS [Service to Self]?  The phrase “helping another” is also cause for confusion. The problem arises when people don’t differentiate between the lower and higher parts of another person. They are unaware which of the two they are actually helping and thereby growing or exacerbating. Are they worsening another’s STS tendencies through this help? Or are they facilitating another’s spiritual empowerment and awakening? They think help has to be blind and unconditional, in their minds incorrectly meaning without discernment or discretion. That only ends in heartbreak, loss, and burnout. Nor do they recognize when a person is thoroughly under the control of his or her lower aspect and cannot be helped at this point in their evolution. Love must be fortified with wisdom; […]

How is this not dualistic thinking? Discerning between real duality and false dichotomies is important.  There may be one genuine duality, but it has been imitated by numerous illusory ones. To throw out the genuine along with the imitation is a straw man fallacy and a win for the STS Matrix Control System.

What is meant by “self,” considering there is more to our being than just our everyday mundane self? This is a matter of semantics, so we have to clear up the definitions. The key to solving this is that technically there are at least three selves: 1) the Higher Self (of which you are an independent and self-aware projection), 2) the middle self (you reading this now), and 3) the baser self [aka lower self] (also known as the “shadow”, which Jung calls the “id”, Castaneda the “predator”, […]  This middle self has the option of choosing in favor of the Higher Self or the baser self, typically stated as choosing between spirit or ego. Ego in that context means the baser self, the “other, within” — basically the devil on your shoulder. You can’t serve the baser self by serving others. You can only serve your middle and Higher Self by serving others, because only these get anything out of that. The baser self is strictly a predatory/parasitic/mechanical thing and the source of STS impulses.

What about Service-to-All?  Properly defined, STO means serving self through serving others in a balanced way that is of maximum spiritual benefit to all. It means being neither predator nor prey. It does not mean being a doormat, nor neglecting personal well-being to the point of interfering with one’s future ability to serve, which is a shortsighted form of martyrdom. So what some define as STA is already the correct definition of STO, therefore the term STA is unnecessary.

How do densities relate to the STS and STO concept? So, even though the individual STS and STO paths begin in 3D, enter their sublime expressions in 4D, and attain perfection in 5D, they still have their mirroring resonances in 1D and 2D, just that life at those densities lacks the self-determination needed to embody those paths at the individual and freely chosen level. In 6D, STO beings have moved beyond individual evolution toward evolving further in soul groups.  [Sixth density], 6D STS beings don’t exist except as a harmonic overtone of the collective consciousness of STS beings in the lower densities. In other words, STS exists in 6D only as an archetypal thoughtform, an impression stamped into the etheric and astral substrate, a malicious command injected into the program known as existence, an artificial intelligence that carries out its given directives — this I have termed the “Corrupt Demiurge” in my Gnosis articles. More on that subject below.

How do densities relate to the physical dimensions (length, width, height, time)?  Higher densities can access a higher dimension beyond ours, lower densities can only access the lower dimensions familiar to us. That’s as far as the relation seems to go. […]  So strictly speaking, there are only three major types of environments: physical, quasi-physical, and nonphysical.

What is Fourth Density like, precisely?  Instead of being reborn as a 4D infant, one could (if allowed) choose to be born into 3D as a human baby, which is what the Ra Material calls a “Wanderer”; that is, someone from a higher density who incarnates in a lower. Or the incoming soul could take over the body of someone whose soul agrees to leave (or is forcibly removed), this being known as the “Walk-In” phenomenon. […] So the 4D mind, soul, and body is comparatively more whole, interconnected, harmonious within itself. In the STO mode, this includes an active uplink with the spirit or Higher Self. [,,,]  Thus, it’s not so much that STO and STS fight each other directly in 4D (although they can) but rather that they fight over us and through us. In fact, you could say that our history, our reality, and in some cases our own lives are largely the reflections/products of conflicting interactions between higher density forces.

If STO serves others, does that include allowing themselves to be abused by STS who selfishly demand to be served?  People who are loving, compassionate, and kind but who lack strength, discernment, and wisdom will encounter human and non-human predators who initiate some very painful learning lessons. Higher feelings are not enough, one also needs higher intelligence, for the higher aspect of one’s being has both a higher heart and a higher mind. In other words, the higher emotional and higher intellectual centers must both be actualized to secure an STO state. […] We must understand that not everyone returns kindness with kindness or respect with respect; some people, as well as demons and negative aliens, see our kindness and respect as weaknesses to exploit. There is no sense in sacrificing oneself to these predators, as it only increases imbalance.

Do higher STO ever work with higher STS?  […] For example, consider the case of a certain person who has come under the concern of demons and angels. The demons, being what they are, seek to feed off the disintegration of his soul, while the angels normally protect him from such paranormal meltdown. Then let’s say part of his destiny is to become a writer and teacher on the subject of demons. He cannot do this without experiencing them directly. So the angels withdraw their protection enough to allow him to experience their influence, with the potential outcome that he will overcome the challenge and grow knowledgeable, strong, and wise concerning their nature and methods of operation. But that outcome isn’t guaranteed. He could, by his own choice to indulge in his vices when nudged by these demons, descend into alcoholism, perversion, depression, violence, or illness, suicide, and eventual death. The demons need not even know of the gamble being taken; they might only see that the target is wide open and then, being opportunists, jump at the chance. In that case, an STS force carries out its agenda not knowing that it’s unwittingly serving positive ends provided the person(s) enduring their attacks play their part and make it through in one piece.

What do occult researchers mean by the astral having lower, middle, and higher regions? […] The higher astral regions have a divine quality and are home to transcendent masters and angelic beings. The lowest regions have an infernal quality and are the home of demons. […] Demons pollute our etheric environment with their low vibrational energies, make plants, animals, and people ill as a result, and seek to destroy all qualities of spirit within a person. […] To visit the higher astral regions, you have to be of a corresponding higher spiritual nature or be taken there by divine grace.  Of course, positive beings from these higher regions can elect to come down into the lower ones without too much difficulty when divine intervention is required. In contrast, the lower beings cannot enter the higher because they lack the energy, strength, and integrity to rise up without losing cohesion in their chosen astral polarity; thus such beings tend to disintegrate (they describe it as burning, as in “the light is burning me”) if they enter too vibrationally high an environment, which is the last thing they usually want. Note that even our everyday 3D environment, with its everyday events and everyday people, is vibrationally higher than the level where these demons originate. So, when they project themselves out of their astral pits into our environment (mainly our etheric environment) they undergo disintegration unless they can gather enough dark energies to condition a space (such as a bedroom, bar, basement, corner of the closet, a haunted box, tomb, etc.) to make things more comfortable for themselves, commonly referred to as nesting.  Therefore, it follows that by conditioning a physical space with higher vibrational energies (via love, devotion, gratitude, happiness, health, life, freshness, brightness, etc. or simply requesting a higher spiritual intelligence to bless and protect the space) that makes this environment especially caustic to demonic entities.

Why doesn’t the Higher Self just tell us everything we need to know, or take us over, so that we skip right to 6th Density?  Some things we know only because we have gone through them, and these lessons and changes would not have penetrated so deeply into our souls so quickly if one were just watching from the sidelines. […] Contrary to popular opinion, the baser [lower] self isn’t what makes us human; it’s what makes us animalistic or demonic. The middle self is what makes us human, in that we have the capacity to choose what we align with, listen to, and think and feel from.

Again, Tom Montalk’s informative article of March 14, 2015, “STO, STS, and Densities,” can be found at http://montalk.net/metaphys/267/sto-sts-and-densities.  I highly recommend it.

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