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Tuesday, July 04, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
An Instrument of Divine, Seeking to Serve
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
July 4, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

I have four email accounts for various purposes, and I’ve been catching up on reading and saving and deleting today.  I was delighted to find several blogs from Carla Fox (https://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com), including one dated July 3, 2017 titled, “Oversoul.”  As I read through this particular blog email, I felt more and more wonderful. I will excerpt a small portion here and suggest you go to Carla’s blog site and read the entire article.  You may want to subscribe to Carla’s free blog articles.  As with my own blog articles, I recommend reading Carla’s blogs that you resonate with slowly a time or two and scanning those with which you don’t.     

Yesterday, as I was sitting in contemplation up on a high ridge that I had hiked to, I asked my guidance to give me information on the next step in my spiritual evolution.  The answer came very fast.  I am to start sourcing form my Oversoul instead of my Higher Self. […]  In short, our Oversoul exists at an energetic level just a bit higher than our Higher Self, which resides in the low bandwidth of the 5th dimension.  Each human has a Higher Self that plans, orchestrates and guides our lifetime here on Earth.  Thus, each Higher Self is connected to only one incarnation at a time. By contrast, each Oversoul is connected to multiple Higher Selves and their associated incarnations.  Not all of those incarnations are human. […]  [Angel-Light Note:  Some researchers and teachers have differing opinions about Oversoul and Higher Self, but it’s not a big issue and nothing to be concerned about.] 

Carla continues:  As soon as I received that guidance, I started tuning into to the Oversoul level, even as I was hiking back to my car.  The energy felt quite different from that of the Higher Self. […]  Let me first describe the structure of my Oversoul.  I perceived a glowing golden ball of energy in the center with the framework of a dodecahedron surrounding it.  […]  As I embodied the glowing ball of energy inside this structure, I could see and feel connections going from the points on the outside out to all of the Higher Selves that are associated with my Oversoul.  Each Oversoul also has a theme that all of the associated Higher Selves and their incarnations are working with. […]  Now as per my guidance, I am working with not only my own Higher Self, but with many others at the same time via my Oversoul.  It is quite a different energy as the Oversoul’s job is to oversee, send directives to, and collate incoming information coming in from multiple sources.  It is quite a busy place indeed.  On the plus side, when you start to source from this level, you have access to so much more information, especially in relation to your theme [life plan/soul path] […]  Now, as I source more from this new level, I can also feel that I am embodying much more of a group consciousness versus that of myself as an individual. [Angel-Light Note: Regular readers know that I often use the pronoun “we” rather than “I”.  I sometimes make myself use “I”.]   It will take some getting used to, and it is an exciting new change.  It will expand my access to guidance and put me in a place to more effectively tune into and relate to the needs of groups.  Exciting!

The reader might ask why I felt so wonderful (much joy) when reading the entirety of Carla’s June 3, 2017 blog about Oversoul.  You see, since I awakened in this body-mind unit thirty or so years ago, there have been both lengthy and short periods of time when Oversoul has been majorly involved with and expressing through this embodiment, including in 2010, shortly after I moved into this abode when I sensed Oversoul's much higher vibration and took the photograph of self that I use on the Angel-Light Beamer and on social media.  This has been a difficult place for Oversoul to be.  I’m reminded of the 70+ demons we the Angel-Light Team banished from this little community in one fell swoop, causing an electrical transformer to blow out instantly (just a few years ago).  So we have done some good here.

When basking in the joy of my Oversoul Self vibration after reading Carla’s blog article, I was reminded to affirm this often: “I Am Angel-Light, and I Am attuning to, aligning with, and living as my Oversoul Self—now.” 

In service, we are Angel-Light Love & Team.  Through this embodiment, we have facilitated the healing and wellbeing of people around the world for over 25 years. How can we assist you?

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May all be well with you!  May there be plenty for you!

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