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Monday, August 21, 2006


August 21, 2006

I want to share with you an article I wrote in 1999 (and recently found in a box of papers).

There can be many different types of contaminants negatively impacting a human body-mind unit. These can be attached to and/or working on and/or through a person, and can include lost souls, demonic entities, fallen angels, and invader entities of various sorts. Negative implants can also be in place. A person can be under the influence of curses and spells. Also contaminating can be the energies of other humans.

People can place their energies with others in different ways, but this usually manifests in the form of psychic cords. The reasons cording occurs are numerous. Some people are obsessed with those whom they are in relationship or who are the object of their desires. Some want to control friends or family members or to know every detail of their lives, including their thoughts and feelings. Co-dependent-type people and possessive parents are often guilty of this. It is not that people make up their minds to cord others and intentionally create psychic cords. The cords are largely the effect of the emotions of needy, obsessive, and/or controlling people. (It is important to include here that thoughts always precede emotions.)

For this discussion, curses and spells are grouped together. Many people associate curses and spells with witches—clothed in black and standing over their mysterious brews in black cauldrons, which is usually not the case. There are many ways one can come under the influence of a curse or spell. There are curses/spells that are multi-generational in nature, sometimes placed many generations previously, impacting one person or several related people currently. Less common are curses/spells placed on a family group in the current life, but they do occur. Individual curses/spells can also be impacting a person. These include curses/spells placed during one’s other lives—not just those made during the current life. Interestingly enough, curses/spells range all the way from someone becoming very angry with someone else and wishing him harm or one person cursing at another in traffic, to someone with some degree of knowledge of magic and the occult sciences actually casting a curse/spell. As you can deduce, curses/spells are more common than rare. The weakest of these are, obviously, the least effective and dissipate over time.

Negative implants can be placed in human body-mind units by others or, unknowingly, by their own selves. Physical implants can be compared to heart pacemakers and are uncommon. (Governments are usually accused of being the source of these.) More common are implants placed in the energy bodies, these often by inhabitants of other worlds, so-called extraterrestrial life forms, but sometimes by humans skilled at working magic. Etheric implants are, obviously, made up of an etheric-type energy substance. Another type of energy implant is those that are placed as a result of violation of one’s body—such as in the case of rape. This discussion of implants is incomplete, and only meant to be a synopsis of sorts.

This will also be the case with our discussion of invader entities in general. Invaders are present “without permission.” These units of consciousness are of varying degrees of intelligence. Largely because of rips and tears between earth dimensions, non-human units of consciousness are in space-times that are not their usual habitats and can invade a human body-mind unit. Other worldly or extraterrestrial units of consciousness can also invade. (This is not to say that all other worldly or extraterrestrial intelligences are invaders. Indeed, many, if not most, are present with permission and even at the invitation of the creator soul-self.)

Generally speaking, fallen angels can be defined as those angels who rebelled against God and left (or were cast out of) their home stations to settle elsewhere. One common hypothesis is that the fallen angels lead the so-called dark forces and that the earth has largely been under their control for an indeterminate amount of time—the intent being to manipulate and utilize humanity for their own selfish needs, the main means of doing so being that of keeping humans ignorant and superstitious and implanting false concepts and belief systems. Fallen angels are not demons. Indeed, fallen angels can and often do perform what one might call “good deeds.”

Specifically, demons and demonic energy are not one and the same. A thorough discussion cannot be had here. Suffice it to say that, generally speaking, so-called demonic energy can be created by humans who are harboring strong negative feelings and/or expressing negative emotions (and thus attracting more of the same to them). Demons, now that’s another matter altogether. Demons are actual units of consciousness of varying degrees of intelligence and appearances, and will not be discussed here at length.

Lastly, we have so-called “lost souls.” This term refers to human souls whose bodies have died but who did not fully transition (move to the next level). Fear, confusion, guilt, addictions, attachments, and entrapment are some of the causes. There can also be fragments of embodied souls existing apart from their human body-mind unit of origination and not retrieved before the body’s demise and the departure of the soul expressing through it.

The reasons for invasion are many, among them rips and tears in the auric body of the human body-mind unit (through imperfect development in utero or through injuries and surgeries throughout its life). Also a weakened immune system or an advanced state of disease can be the culprits. Those who dabble in the occult sciences and use procedures with insufficient knowledge of same and without protection in place are often invaded. Very sensitive and psychic and energetically refined individuals can be subject to invasion. Such as these must take preventive measures more than the average person.

This discussion is by no means complete and meant only to be helpful by shedding more light on the subject for those who have some interest in same. Blessings!

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I am supported by persons who appreciate my presence and service in this dimension.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator