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Monday, November 27, 2006


November 27, 2006

I think Deepak Chopra is a good man, but normally I'm not drawn to his books because they seem to be more for those not as far along on the spiritual path as I suppose myself to be. However, his latest book, published this year, is an exception. In Life After Death: The Burden of Proof (New York: Harmony Books, 2006), there is plenty of valuable info for us all. He tells a tale, part by part, throughout the book and examines and discusses the principles demonstrated by each part before resuming the story. There is a Memoir at the beginning, titled "The Life Beyond," and an Epilogue at the end, titled "Maha Samadhi," with fifteen chapters in between. My favorite: Chapter 13, "Is Akasha Real?" I agree with Marianne Williamson (another well-known and highly thought of spiritual writer and speaker): ". . . I think this is his greatest contribution yet."

The following excerpt is from Chapter 9, titled "Two Magical Words" (which, by the way, are "I Am"). The section is titled, "Three Worlds: A Map of Eternity." This refers to three consciousness worlds.

1. Consciousness of Physical Objects: This is the world of concrete things that we verify through the five senses. . . . The soul feels personal but is seen only in short glimpses.

2. Consciousness of Subtle Objects: This is the world of dreams, imagination, and inspiration in all its many forms. We verify this world through intuition, detecting qualities like love and beauty, feeling a subtle presence within and without that is not available to the five senses. . . . If this is your primary world [consciousness], you will have certain powers that allow you to explore it. These include imagination, memory, artistic ability, spiritual sensitivity, healing abilities, and intuition. . . . However, you may also find yourself detached from the physical world and unable to navigate it as well as someone without intuition and spiritual sensitivity. This will worry you until you discover that the subtle world is capable of supporting you. . . . The soul feels like a guiding force leading back to the source. It is sensed constantly.

3. Pure Consciousness: This is the world of awareness being aware of itself. There are no objects, gross or subtle. We verify this world through "I Am." Existence becomes its own end, its own reward. As an experience, pure consciousness begins with a silent mind; this grows in richness and meaning the longer a person has the experience. . . . The soul is impersonal. It is Being, with no added qualities.

The Consciousness of Subtle Objects is where I, Angel-Light, call home and where I am most comfortable. I don't feel "at home" in the physical world. It's like I still don't have a clue. Being in this world has not been easy for me--far from it.

Keeping on, keeping on, I Am Angel-Light. I am supported by donations of persons who acknowledge and appreciate my presence and service in this dimension.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator