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Sunday, February 24, 2008



February 24, 2008

The other day I ordered an extra CD of Marcey Hamm's "Inward Harmony," one of several extraordinary healing compositions. The one I have is about to wear out, and I don't want to be without this clearing, calming, healing music for even a day. Marcey makes no claims about her music being healing, but if you google Marcey Hamm + Inward Harmony, you'll find links to several remarkable claims from people who have been assisted by it. For several years now, whenever I've been stressed, I have played "Inward Harmony" and received instant relief.

Here's Marcey's story of how "Inward Harmony" was gifted to this realm of existence: "Recovering from a debilitating automobile accident changed Marcey Hamm's life, putting her in touch with energies and sources of inspiration she had never before experienced. Soon after her recovery she went into her home studio to record some meditation music for a friend. That recording was the inspiration for Inward Harmony. Inward Harmony is a continuous angelic music that brings balance and harmony to all of life. This balance and harmony is created within all of our bodies: Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric and Soul. When these bodies are out of harmony with each other, illness and other problems of imbalance occur. Inward Harmony opens the consciousness to allow the Sound Current that is within all things to flow through the bodies. This process works from within and flows outward to the physical body and then flows back to the inner bodies. This back and forth flow eventually moves all particles into a balanced state and the healing actually is a natural result of this Sound Current movement."

As far as I'm concerned, nothing can compare to "Inward Harmony." It's the CD I recommend above all others. (P.S. I have found two or three people over the years who feel agitation when listening to "Inward Harmony," and it was the contaminants and illegal entities with them who were agitated.)

Gift yourself with "Inward Harmony."

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