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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


July 8, 2008

As regular readers are aware, we make a distinction between divine soul minds and human body minds and often use the term "human body-mind unit." Human body-mind units serve as housing for divine souls (and other types of souls, for that matter). Recently, I was surprised to find words about "soul exchange" in Chapter 9 (of 10 chapters) of Michael Newton Ph.D.'s second book, Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives. I had read his first book, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, years ago shortly after it was first released and recently reread it before reading Destiny of Souls (published in 2000) for the first time.

The reason I was so surprised to find information about soul exchanges near the end of Destiny of Souls is because Dr. Newton was convinced, after years of research and thousands of subjects, that there is no such thing as "walk-ins" (term commonly used to denote soul exchanges). I have noticed throughout Destiny of Souls that Dr. Newton and subjects have clearly differentiated between bodies and souls. Dr. Newton reports in Chapter 9, ". . . However, only twice in my entire career have I ever had a soul who admitted they asked to be replaced in a fetus they found impossible to adjust to in any way. In both cases, another soul took its place before the eighth month. A prenatal [soul] exchange due to incompatibility is an extremely rare occurrence because this is what the life selection room is all about." Dr. Newton's research has found that almost all souls enter human body-mind units in utero after the first trimester but soon enough to merge sufficiently with the human body-mind unit before birth. He reports that some people are bothered by his position of duality of body and spirit [soul]--that the [divine] soul lives on but the temporary personality [ego] of the body dies [with the body]. However, Dr. Newton's research has been validated by that of others--some well-known professionals and some not-well-known amateurs.

I don't feel it is too big a stretch to assume that it is possible soul exchanges can also happen at other times throughout the life of a human body-mind unit. This doesn't mean that it happens anywhere near as often as some people in the so-called New Age community claim it does. I'm still of the opinion that most of these types of occurrences involve the consciousness mix and are what I call "aspect shifts." There are other scenarios that can be found under the "walk-in" label, but we won't go into them here. Ponder it if you choose.

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