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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


April 1, 2009

E-mails recently received from two different people plus some ideas in my mind are resulting in changes to the Soul Analysis we provide.

I go with what I know, but I'm continually open to other information and seeing how that fits with the information I already have, sorting pieces of information, etc. I've found that sometimes things don't fit into neat little puzzle pieces. Sometimes things aren't really a top priority for me--investigating information from a different perspective, for example. It's not like I didn't already have the information; it's just that I didn't have it fitting nicely into my puzzles. Labels, such as "soul rotation" and "walk-in" don't fully or accurately describe some scenarios, but we as humans use labels to help us understand better--and it's the nature of the human to want to know how things work (some more than others).

Divine Souls active in this planetary cycle who extend themselves into human body-mind units are called "Oversouls" by some. The Seth materials, published in book form by Jane Roberts, offer much information about Souls and Oversouls. There are differences of opinion as to the number of extensions placed. Some claim there are twelve; some say there are eleven. About 45% of human body-mind units have more than one Divine Soul directly extended into them. This means that some of the items on the analysis are being duplicated to cover each different Divine Soul extension. The indirect soul extensions (through other human body-mind units) are considered illegal and will be dealt with as such. This has been discussed in previous blogs. Some call the Divine Soul extensions "personalities," but I'm one of those who doesn't.

On the other hand, about 20% of human body-mind units do not have a Divine Soul in residence (and they are not as easily recognized as one might assume). These are labeled "organic portals" and "unsouled humans." They do have a body-mind, just as do all human body-mind units. This is what some of us label "personality." This is what fragments as a result of trauma (which can result in the Divine Soul partially or totally withdrawing--temporarily and permanently). Won't expand on that subject here. This has been discussed in previous blogs. When one considers that more than one Divine Soul may be extended into a human body-mind unit (directly and/or indirectly), then the "walk-in," "soul rotation," etc. scenarios can be more readily understood. At this time in the current earth cycle, things are not all neat and orderly. There are many different groups actively participating--in 3D human form and otherwise. As a result, the words to fully describe a particular scenario can be illusive.

The plan is that the Divine Soul will evolve, through its extensions, to a point where it merges with the Divine Monad. Some claim that all our Divine Monads are at the same dimensional level; others, including myself, disagree. It is generally agreed that after the Divine Soul merges with the Divine Monad, it ceases to be the "guide" for the Soul extension in residence and the Divine Monad becomes the "guide." There is much material available on the subject of Divine Monads easily available via Internet. In the analysis, we are now asking if the Divine Soul has merged with the Divine Monad. We have also added other items but won't include them in this discussion.

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