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Monday, August 17, 2009


August 17, 2009

One divine soul extends into many human body-mind units and lives many lives throughout our linear time (and remains in place "at home"). The experiences of each life can positively or negatively impact the other lives. To a lesser degree, the lives experienced by others of one's soul group of twelve (soul siblings, so to speak) can impact the present life.

Of course, we want all the positive benefits of other lives but not the negative effects. Therefore, one might ask how one is to claim the benefits without also taking on the negative effects. There are several ways to do this, including asking, calling forth, and affirming (which we've discussed several times). One would first invoke the assistance of one's support team (such as Archangel Michael, the Hierarchies of Light--whomever one wishes). Next one would either ask for or call forth as follows. "I Am asking you all to transcend the traumas of __________ [fill in the blank which such things as being tortured, death by drowning, crucifixion, burned alive, beheading, etc.] throughout the lifetimes so that they have no effect on me in this lifetime." "I Am calling forth the clearing [or healing] of all traumas of __________ [fill in the blank again] throughout the lifetimes so that they have no effect on me in this lifetime." If one has done "past life work" and knows of particular unpleasant circumstances and deaths, one can address those circumstances specifically.

If one wants to improve the present life, one might affirm as follows. "I [your name] decree I Am claiming the benefits and knowledge of the many lives that included __________ [fill in the blank, such as the practice of herbal medicine, alchemy, sculpting, swimming, etc.] for the present life now."

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