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Saturday, August 15, 2009


August 15, 2009

Question: What are encodements?

Answer: All divine souls that downstep/extend into human body-mind units do so with specific plans and goals for their lifetimes. To assist, there are programs, templates, encodements, etc. installed in the etheric bodies. Certain ones, such as those called "Mission Life Entities," come with support teams (more than "guardian angels"). There are several groups/races of cosmic beings who are actively engaged on this field of play, at this level of existence, and these install encodements, etc. in etheric bodies--some beneficial and some not beneficial (and many facilitated by their human instruments/embodiments). Related information is presented in the blog of November 14, 2008 titled "Central Vertical Channel." The January 30, 2009 blog titled "Central Vertical Channel Part 2" may also be of interest.

Encodements, etc. can be added, deleted, and changed. Ones can consciously ask for this type of work. However, if one does so from the viewpoint of the personality/ego rather than the divine mind incarnate, what one asks for may not be congruent or compatible with the divine soul's plan for the life.

During certain types of initiations and attunements, encodements, etc. are installed (sometimes even without the knowledge of the human instrument serving as the facilitator). By no means are we labeling such encodements, etc. as "negative" or "bad." The bottom line is whether or not these are "toxic, harmful, hostile, or sabotaging" for the recipient. We address programs, encodements, etc. in this way during the Divine Reconnective Healing process. We also have a document available to supporters of this Love Work detailing how to work with one's Program & Encodement Technicians/Specialists. This is useful for those who are committed to spiritual awakening and growth. (It's best to send requests to both the Yahoo and Hotmail addresses below.)

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