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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


August 5, 2009

A supporter who usually takes good care of herself had been puzzled about symptoms that she wasn't able to alleviate. She considers physical disease to be caused by energy dis-ease and treats the energies first, sometimes treating the symptoms at the same time. Earlier this year, we measured her body at almost 10,000 Bovis Energy Units, which is very good. (See blog titled "Bovis Energy Scale.") After she had experienced various symptoms of disease over several weeks that wouldn't clear, she realized she must uncover the core/root causes to enable her to clear the energies and move on. She had been given that her immune system had been compromised (by her spiritual hierarchy), which was why she couldn't seem to get well and stay well. She was astonished when it came into her mind that she might have AIDS (which she thought wasn't likely, but knew wasn't impossible).

At the time of our lengthy exploration session, her Bovis Energy Units measured about 1,500 less than we had measured earlier this year. As we the Angel-Light team facilitated, she got a thought form of "I'm dead." To make this long story short, a man who said his name was Roy, who had died in March of AIDS, had been caught and stuck in her energy field for about two months. She realized that the strange trembling energy she had felt in the left side of her body for weeks was where Roy had become stuck. Aha! The dis-ease energies were those of Roy--not her energies.

We arranged for Roy to leave and rejoin his soul and soul group. (Only fragments/portions of souls incarnate in 3D physicality.) As Roy was taken away, the supporter felt movement and release. When checking her the next day, I found her Bovis Energy Scale measurement had already improved significantly. I assume it will return to the level it was before Roy joined her.

One can also be carrying the energies (and dis-ease) of others who are embodied. There are several ways this can happen--including both intentional and inadvertent cording and extensions placed. Even thoughts of others can find nesting places in one's consciousness. It's similar to "radio waves" that our devices tune into at different frequencies. Staying conscious and aware of what one creates and what one doesn't can be very beneficial. Clearing one's energies of energies that are not one's own before they get very entrenched (and symptoms develop) is very important. Sometimes all it takes is the following: Stand with your arms down by the sides of your body. Affirm "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. I [your name] decree I Am releasing what is not mine to carry or to heal now." Then move your arms upward and outward as high as they will go with palms facing over the top of your head while at the same time taking a deep abdominal breath. Count to three and then exhale in one big "whoosh" through your mouth as you bring your arms forcefully down the center of your body with palms facing. When you've gone as far down as you can go (the length of your arms), swing the hands out beyond the sides of your body. (Some people continue to sweep their hands and arms through their energy bodies.) Then return your arms to the sides of your body.

We recommend this on a daily basis.

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