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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


November 10, 2009

Recently, a supporter awoke one morning with some thoughts that he/she shared with me and asked input about. We're sharing with readers of this blog site. My comments in brackets.

Based on his/her research, there appear to be currently five sorts of humans on earth: Awakened, Unawakened, Controlled, Organic, and Robotic. Awakened Humans are those with souls and adequately connected to Divine. They understand their role and path and have taken time to learn/gather knowledge and understand life values. These are the smallest number of the five categories. It would appear that only these have the capability to ascend to different dimensional levels as the earth changes. [Note: This description is 70% accurate--measuring in five-point increments. About 40% of humans are awakened.] Unawakened Humans are those with souls but who are so heavily programmed by society/the matrix that they have lost their connection to Divine. However, they are able to connect with Divine if they deprogram themselves. This is unlikely, as they are more concerned with money, comfort, earthly attachments, and personal choices which cause restrictions. [Note: These words are 55% accurate--measuring in five-point increments.]

Controlled Humans are those with souls, but which have been taken over in this life by reptoids and other-dimensional entities. Depending on how long such entities have resided in the human body-mind unit, and the extent of their control, connection with Divine and removal in this life may not be possible. [Note: When I first read this description, I knew immediately that it was mostly inaccurate, and when checking further at a later time, found that the words are only 15% accurate. Why? Because, technically, any human body-mind unit that is souled has been taken over, so to speak. The human animal species was intentionally created and genetically altered--improved upon, I might add--several times to make it suitable housing for souls. Some occupations of human body-mind units are authorized and others are not.]

Organic Portals are humans with no [divine] soul or connection to Divine. These humans are exactly the same as Souled Humans but have no ability to "care" for others or understand love and emotion in the same way as a Souled Human. If reports are to be believed, these Organic Portals form half the world's population. They are vehicles which have the capability to restrict divine progress of souled humans. [Note: These words are 80% accurate. Organic Portals are only about 20% of humanity--measuring in five-point increments.]

As for Robotic Humans, the number of these can never be known as these have cybernetic and microchip implants and have been genetically created and are robotic loyal servants of the elite and subjected to extensive psychotronic mind control so that orders will be obeyed and carried out--however outrageous. They have been created/programmed in the deep underground military bases. [Note: These words are 80% accurate. About 5% of the populace are Robotic Humans.]

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