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Thursday, November 12, 2009


November 12, 2009

Agents of the Divine can find themselves targets of the dark powers of this world, depending on how much the missions of such agents are interfering with the plans of the dark matrix for humanity. Some are even considered prizes to be acquired and used for their own purposes. Some serve as "double agents" unknowingly. Implanting is one way the powers of this world gain influence and control over those they seek. Another is by extending through their agents into others. It is so important for certain ones to be ever diligent and very in tune with what is going on within and around. Unless one is sitting in a cave alone in the Himalayas (or some other isolated place) for years, one is going to be "exposed" to the shenanigans of the dark powers. Sometimes business associates and relatives can be serving as agents of the powers of this world. It is pretty much impossible to avoid all these. We suggest one do the responsible, honorable thing--with family and in business, even though it might expose one to unfavorable influences. Being aware and then clearing (addressing contaminants specifically) after such exposure is appropriate.

One might ask why there isn't a way for Agents of the Divine to fully protect themselves from such things when out and about. There can be some measure of protection, of course, but oftimes that is not the case, so one is to learn to deal with such things. We would suggest that one is to consciously and intentionally attune self with one's "divine support team" (what some call guardian angels) and ask them to do the decontamination work. Set the intent of establishing a "Working Relationship" with your divine support team. This will serve you well in the days ahead. All Agents of the Divine have such teams in place. Call them "divine support team." It's a much more powerful term than "guardian angels," don't you think? We have available specific techniques and formulas to use when working with one's Divine Support Team.

Right before going to sleep or when in the process of awakening (or when in deep meditation) are times to align and connect and communicate with one's Divine Support Team. One can affirm: I AM [YOUR NAME]. I AM THAT I AM. I [YOUR NAME] DECREE I AM OPENING TO MY DIVINE SUPPORT TEAM, CONNECTING WITH MY DIVINE SUPPORT TEAM, AND ESTABLISHING A WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH MY DIVINE SUPPORT TEAM ON A FULL AND PERMANENT BASIS NOW. The problem most people have is that they neglect or forget to ask for the support. Asking specifically for what one wants is very important. Without the knowledge of what one is presented with in the way of contaminants, one is ill equipped to ask specifically. Therefore, researching the types of contaminants one can be presented with is strongly recommended--on this site and on others.

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Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator