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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


January 26, 2010

In addition to Healing Love Energy sessions by appointment over the 20 years of my Love Work, there have been plenty of spontaneous energy channelings--some intentional and some unconsciously. Once when eating and reading in a restaurant, I noticed energy moving through my body and a man looking at me strangely. When he finished his meal, he walked over to me with an astonished look in his eyes and exclaimed, "Who are you?! I felt really bad [and gave details]. Now I feel great! I felt something coming from you. What did you do?" I just smiled and responded that I was glad he felt better--something short and simple.

One time when on a public bus, I felt energy moving through my body and wondered to whom it was going. Found out when I got out of the seat to exit because a man sitting across the aisle jumped up and reached out to try to stop me from leaving. He came to his senses and, with embarrassment, pulled back his arm and sat back down. He had been the recipient of all that Healing Love Energy. One can be used as an instrument of healing for someone else without consciously intending it, my friends. I have an arrangement where Divine can use my instrument to assist others in such a way whenever there is an important need. I don't have to lift a finger in those cases.

On another occasion while riding a public bus, I intentionally directed energy into the head of the bus driver from my position directly behind his head--very discreetly because I didn't want anyone to notice. The bus had been going too fast and some people were more than a little concerned. I noticed the driver was leaning forward and then jerking himself back up, so I used my hand to zap him with energy. After he seemed alert, I stopped. The bus slowed down and people relaxed. I was surprised when he looked me in the eyes and said, "Thank you," as I walked by him to get off the bus. I didn't think he had noticed.

The first time I offered someone Healing Love Energy was in the 1980s before I officially began my Love Work. I just knew I was to offer assistance for her painful shoulder. It helped so much that she "tithed" (her word) over $1,000 US to me a week or so later. I had never been given money like that before, but I had been shown it happening in a vision days before it actually happened. Would you believe my immediate response to that vision was "no," and I told Divine I couldn't accept it? Fortunately, before it actually happened, I had been "set straight" and was able to gratefully accept her donation.

Channeling Healing Love Energy doesn't have to be a "big deal." The body receiving the energy will use it wherever it is most needed--not necessarily to where it is directed. However, I remember a remarkable demonstration of its benefits when I intentionally directed it into the knee of a person who almost couldn't walk because of pain in that area. She had limped into a large wholistic community gathering in a private home, leaning on her husband for support. Later, we chatted while she waited for her husband to leave. This stranger told me about her ongoing knee problems, so I asked her if she would like me to "lay hands" on it. She gratefully accepted, so I held my hands an inch or two above the affected area as we talked about mundane things. When her husband was ready to leave, she arose from her chair and walked out to their car without the aid of her husband. She was so amazed at the improvement that she was pretty much speechless.

When one is an instrument of the Divine and a conduit/channel of Healing Love Energy, one isn't drained by such experiences. Rather, one is energized because one also receives the benefits. Of course, there is more to energy work than just channeling the energy, including pulling out and putting in, but this piece is not meant to provide detailed, in-depth information.

Writing my memoirs in short articles is a lot easier than writing books. There is lots more to share and many experiences that are so unusual I probably will not publish by this means.

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