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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


January 26, 2010

There have been some interesting experiences with cats and dogs--most pleasant but some not. Many can see the light beings with me, of course.

Once I attended a gathering of wholistic-type people in a large home in a semi-rural area with many trees. It was such a beautiful night with stars shining in the sky, so I went outside to commune with nature. I whirled, danced, and moved my arms, breathing in the fresh air deeply. I was startled when a large dog came close and began following my moving hands with his head and jumping and barking loudly. When I stopped and began speaking softly to him, he stopped. When I resumed doing my thing, he began doing his again. I wondered what he saw and focused on my hands and noticed sparks of light and colors. Seems the energy is more visible in the dark. Since the dog of unknown origin wasn't inclined to leave me alone, I retreated slowly into the house.

Cats can be demanding when there is something they want. I remember the first time a cat discovered the energy emanating from my hands felt good. I was visiting someone, and my hand dangled beside the chair as we sat and talked. Meanwhile, the cat was purring away and moving its body under my hand, which was 1"-2" away, soaking up the energy--to the amazement of its mistress. From that point on, I recognized that cats appreciate the energy and let them have it whenever they want it for as long as they want it--unless they are too greedy and I have things to do that can't wait.

As cat lovers are aware, cats also like to be touched from head to the tip of the tail in one long stroke. Dogs seem to prefer the hands on their physical forms in one place with no movement or just slight movement when they are feeling the energy. If I move my hands too soon, dogs will let me know by moving their bodies so the hands are where they want them--or lift their heads and look me in the eyes to express their preferences. I'm no "dog whisperer" or "cat whisperer," but usually have the ability to pick up on what they want me to know.

Some people claim their cats and dogs are "almost human." I wouldn't know about that, but there have been two different dogs try to talk to me who I swear sounded very human. Almost spooky! One sounded desperate, so I checked it out and discovered there was a human spirit trapped in that dog's energy. I never knew if my efforts to facilitate the rescue of that one were successful because I never saw the dog again. However, the other dog, who seemed neurotic and scared (and mentally ill, truth be told) had an incredible transformation after the human spirit trapped in its energy was released. Even its eyes looked different.

My petsitting experiences are over until such time as I once again have a mechanically sound automobile. "To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven."

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