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Monday, January 25, 2010


January 25, 2010

Been feeling very blessed today as I gaze upon my many houseplants, most of which are on a huge stand in front of a big window so they can get lots of light. I leave room to walk between the plants and the window so I can care for them properly. Here in the USA, we say when someone is good at growing things that person has a "green thumb." Well, I have two green thumbs and eight green fingers! During the years on the road as a "Traveling Angel," a home and an office hosted my plants. Since I've had my own living space, my collection of plants has increased--thanks to gifts of two or three plants plus my special potting mix. Can't make compost at my current lodging, but when I have in previous locations, it was so rich (probably because of the carrot pulp from drinking a quart of organic carrot juice almost every day). Caressing the energy fields of the leaves of the plants, and words of love and appreciation also help. I stimulate the growth of roots of cuttings that are in water by placing my hands around the vases and flowing Healing Love Energy into the stems and asking them to grow some more roots so they can be potted. Of course, the plant devas and fairies deserve a great deal of credit for the amazing growth rate of the plants.

People, if you have outdoor gardens and/or indoor houseplants, they will benefit greatly by kind, loving, and appreciative words, displays of affection, and loving energy directed to them through your hands. If you don't believe me, do some reading about experiments with plants and energy. The book titled "The Secret Life of Plants" comes to mind. Happy gardening!

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