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Monday, January 25, 2010


January 25, 2010

Email received: I am wondering is there a connection between depression and emotional healing. I have been treated for severe depression for more than five years now. I know it has drained me--ruled me--over and over again many times throughout my life. Can it be healed enough to leave my energy field completely? I believe that everything can be healed on some level. Depression is dark and ugly. It rules you. It has a mind of its own. It’s an energy, I'm sure--one I haven't been able to send away/heal/etc. It’s manageable, but I want the hold broken. Does that make sense? I have a wonderful therapist who does hypnosis, which is why I chose her. That part has been fun and very good for me. I knew it would be. She has helped me, and we have been discussing depression for several weeks now. Because I did hypnotherapy myself some years ago, I really understood the power of it. She has said in all her years she has never seen anyone do as well as I in hypnosis/healing. I am interested in your thoughts about this subject if you will.

Response: I get that your depression is 50% chemically based. But then we get into the chicken-egg question. (Which came first—the depression or the cause, so to speak?) I just asked the team to see what we can do for you to eliminate the depression on a full and permanent basis (including clearing and/or eliminating the core/root cause and all other causes). When I did that, I got, "It's a spirit." It seems to have first attached to you about 44 years ago but doesn’t seem to have been with you all the time since it first attached to you. So we've now narrowed it down somewhat as to causes. We'll see what we can do, including releasing the spirit and on a full and permanent basis, hopefully. Since you’re sensitive, let me know what you sense in coming days and weeks.

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