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Friday, May 21, 2010


May 21, 2010

Dictionaries tell us that the word "repent" means to feel regret for [not want or like] and to change one's mind. Every one has the right to change one's mind, wouldn't you think?

It has been common for many years in some Protestant churches to blame one's circumstances on God, such as, "The Lord God wanted this baby and took him" (at the funeral/memorial service). Ridiculous--and one can think of many reasons why! In many secular and spiritual circles, it's more about blaming the person who has problems, with such statements, "You created this," and "You attracted this" (aka the so-called Law of Attraction). Maybe ridiculous, maybe not so ridiculous. If that's the case, one can certainly repent, change one's mind.

Let's assume one is responsible for one's circumstances (an assumption I don't totally agree with, for in all things there are degrees of responsibility). Words alone have power, and deliberate, purposeful words married with feeling are even more powerful. When one consciously intends something and states that something, there is even more power, such as: "I [your name]intend to __________ now." Therefore, if one wants to cover one's bases, so to speak, and claim responsibility for this, that, or the other, one might affirm: "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. What I have attracted, I can send away. I [your name] Decree I Am sending away __________ [the man who is stalking me OR the disease energies in my lungs, for example]." One can substitute "What I have created" for "What I have attracted" and "destroy" or "change" for "send away." One can also substitute "What I have allowed" for "What I have attracted" and "terminate" or "disallow" for "send away." There are several possibilities. When one has changed one's mind/repented, all words used for the purpose of change are to be spoken slowly and clearly with power with deep breathing before, during, and after. It amuses me when people follow instructions and come back with, "It didn't work!" I ask, "How many days have you made this statement? How many times did you say it today?" One is to keep on with it until feels the shift inside one's self and then the peace that comes after it is accomplished. In some circumstances, for some people, one day will suffice. For others, it may take months.

What must be put forth here is how vital it is to rise above one's adverse circumstances, to place one's self in witness mode rather than to wallow in the negativity, which leads to more suffering than is necessary. Most of us have known or heard about people who are able to transcend the pain of their diseases and who take the higher ground when they have difficulties--to "rise above it" and not to lay blame on others. Extreme emotions tend to do far more harm than good in more ways than the average person is aware. Emotional outbursts--whether in anger at others or just in general--are destructive and will keep one in a prison of one's own making. When one begins to see the light through the prison bars and begins taking steps such as those recommended here to set one's self free, just one angry outburst or emotional tirade or poor-me episode can put one back in the darkness of the dungeon. Usually, there are people in far worse situations than one's own. And in the media there are always those who have transcended their circumstances and their pain to inspire one and give one hope.

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