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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


June 2, 2010

Yesterday I noticed something amiss and suspected I was carrying the "stuff" of other people, knowing I agreed to carry the "stuff" of only two people. This empathic person was carrying the "stuff" of fifteen people. And then I thought of a man who has been in deep emotional and physical pain and suicidal recently. This man was carrying the "stuff" of seventy (70) people, and he'd only agreed to assist five in this manner. Seventy people! Incredible! Unbelievable!

I made one of my survey lists and checked out some more people--this time only people who have undergone the Divine Reconnective Healing Process or are currently in Process. A gal who is of majorly low energy was carrying the "stuff" of 57 people--five she agreed to. Of the list of fifteen, including my own self, all but two were carrying the "stuff" of less than twenty people, with seven of these carrying the "stuff of under ten people.

After taking my little survey, we went to work on behalf of all these people. Twelve hours later, I checked to see how the work is progressing. The gal who had been carrying the "stuff" of 57 people is now carrying the "stuff" of ten people The man who had been carrying the "stuff" of seventy other people is now carrying the "stuff" of fifteen people. No need to report the progress of others on the list here. It will take us about another twelve hours to finish the work on behalf of everyone on the list, and it's safe to say that when we do this upon request from others, completion will take one day after beginning (which is not to say that an individual won't begin carrying the "stuff" of these people or others in the future, so gathering it all and sending it where it belongs periodically is important--more often for empaths).

How important it is to be specific when initiating spiritual clearing and healing work for others! I'm just one of many facilitators who have asked why this, that, or the other wasn't done, only to be told, "You didn't ask!" The response is usually, "Yes, I did!" And then we are told something like [for example], "You asked for the cords to be removed, but you didn't specify what type of cords and their locations!" It's not funny, but yet it is! The lesson is that one has to be quite specific!

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