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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


January 25, 2011

This morning, I found that one of my Facebook friends had shared an Alan Cohen quote: "Love is a frequency. Stay tuned." He/She also shared comments. This person's update inspired me to write. We have written several times heretofore about vibrating in resonancy, frequencies of vibration, etc.; however, this subject is important enough to be shared often.

It bears repeating that affirming/decreeing (aloud, if possible) is so very important--beginning with (several times daily): "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am." If you don't believe this places one in vibrational resonancy with strength and power (tunes one into their frequencies), try making this affirmation aloud for several days. It also gets the attention of one's Divine Support Team.

Intention is also very important in creating one's life experiences. Remember the adage: "What you focus on expands." If one needs a liver transplant and has no insurance or funds on hand to pay for it, one doesn't focus on the need and lack, but instead focuses on, for example, donations coming in from everywhere and imagines preparing for the surgery and awakening after surgery and living one's life feeling healthy and strong.

When one is having difficulty shifting one's focus from negative to positive, affirmations and decrees can be the key to moving on. Sometimes people start affirming/decreeing aloud and words just automatically come to mind. (You get "in the flow.") For example, one can affirm, "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am tuning into the frequencies of Love--on a full and permanent basis now." The next word to come to mind might be "peace," and one might affirm. "I [name] Am tuning into the frequencies of peace at all times now." "Joy" might come next, and one would affirm, "I Am tuning into the frequencies of joy now." Here's a helpful formula: "I [name] Am tuning into and embodying the frequencies of __________ (abundance, joy, gratitude, etc. one at a time)--on a full and permanent basis now." (I especially like this one.) You get the idea!

Yes, love is a frequency, and so is everything else (a frequency range to be more accurate)--grief, frustration, peace, prosperity, gratitude, and so on. What are you tuning into?

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