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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


February 9, 2011

While going through a box of files to find papers to discard yesterday, I came across an information-seeking procedure I did about three years ago--initiated by an article I had read. Decided to pull it out and share. And today I received an email from a supporter asking me what his/her life's purpose is. Laughed, because I already had plans to post this piece.

One begins by breathing down into a relaxed state in a quiet place with pen and pad poised to write. Ask, "Why am I here on earth?" Write the answer. Then ask, "What does [put the answer received in here] mean?" Write the next answer. Next ask, "What does [put in here the last answer received] mean?" And so on until one comes to a stopping point. Here is what I wrote on March 27, 2008:

Why am I here on earth? "To live." What does "to live" mean? "To expand." What does "to expand" mean?" "To encompass." What does "to encompass" mean? "To circle." (Saw circle being drawn on my mind screen.) What does "to circle" mean? "To become one with all living things." What does "to become one with all living things" mean? "To merge." What does "to merge" mean? "To blend." What does "to blend" mean? "To mix." What does "to mix" mean? "To become inseparable from." What does "to become inseparable from" mean? "No longer apart." What does "no longer apart" mean? "One." And that was the end, accompanied by a sense of completion.

Why not position and prepare yourself and see what you get? If you don't succeed the first time or two (as I did), then try again another time. It may be that more practice on quieting the body mind so Divine mind can communicate is needed.

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