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Sunday, May 20, 2012


May 20, 2012

Over the years, as one might expect, my ministry has evolved and expanded based on direct downloads into my consciousness and experiences of myself and others. I confess that I was naïve during the first ten to fifteen years, taking people at their word and at face value, always assuming most people had kind hearts, ignoring my intuition and feeling (which was quite strong) about people—all the usual New Age airy-fairy stuff (while recognizing that all make mistakes and have off days).  I was in for, shall we say, a rude awakening.  I had to learn about the dark side.  A wise, older teacher told me that in the late 1980s and recommended a first book to read.  She said I would be needing the knowledge because of what I would be dealing with in my ministry.  Bought the book, read a wee bit and scanned a wee bit more.  Decided it wasn’t something I needed, although I still have it.  So I made a decision to get my PhD in the dark side the hard way. Oh, well!

My psychic sensitivity is much stronger these days, and I have learned to recognize symptoms of dark side involvement with others—from a very little to almost total.  Many good people aren’t aware the dark side has gotten “a foot in the door” until someone recognizes it and tells them. The dark side has a way of sneaking up on people.  Others who are majorly involved with the dark side are adept at hiding behind facades.  

One piece of information I ask my Team during the In-Depth Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis is how much the person is possessed, occupied, and used by the dark side.  In fact, when someone new contacts me, I want to know that right away. I have asked about past acquaintances who proved to be darkhearted and found major and maximum possession, occupation, and use by the dark side.  From time to time, I make a list of people in prominent positions in government and commerce and ask for current information.  Regarding some people it’s easy to believe, but for others it is an eye opener.  Over the four or so years, I’ve been checking for this, I have found some people who originally had less contamination by the dark side to have more and then more. I shared that one prominent person was affected to some degree by this with another person, and he got very upset with me because I said that his idol was under the influence—even though it could have been much worse.  I suggested he pray for the prominent person because I certainly would be.

If one is aware that the dark side has managed to move in, and one is under 55% possessed, occupied, and used by the dark side, deliverance is manageable. Otherwise, it can be more difficult. Occasionally, a person may be too overcome for deliverance to be accomplished in the current lifetime.  As I’ve emphasized many times on this site, there are degrees/percentages. It is not to judge that someone is or is not. And I have seen examples of momentary or temporary possession, occupation, and use by the dark side in the news media.

There is also possession, occupation, and use by angels and light beings at higher levels of existence, but that is agreed upon and the service is benevolent.

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Angel-Light Love
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