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Sunday, October 21, 2012


October 21, 2012

Once in the 1990s, a corporate executive type gal consulted with me a couple times. She told me it was amazing how someone “like me” (whatever that was) could know the business buzz words, how things operate, etc. Perhaps one of her Divine Support Team or advisors/guides/angels was speaking through me, but I didn't feel any such thing. It was more likely another aspect of my Multidimensional Soul Self or another facet of my soul who was advising her, or perhaps it was one of the Angel-Light Team (which includes some of the foregoing). Matters not. What does matter is how people feel when they leave my presence (or the telephone consultation ends)--empowered and clearer, preferably.

In the 1980s, before I officially began my Love-Light Ministry, I (as an independent and out of my home) helped people develop resumes and coached people on the job search (among other things).  Received comments similar to the corporate gal’s, and others, including, “You told me just what I needed to hear.”

There are many different ways people who coach/advise/guide/give readings obtain information, and many sources for the information.

It is fun for me and enlightening for people whom we the Angel-Light Team provide the following information: % Psychic, % Clairvoyant, % Clairaudient, % Clairsentient, % Intuitive, % Telepathic, % Emphathic.  (The word "psychic" is more like an umbrella term for people with various abilities who serve in different ways.)  We now also provide this info as part of the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, which provides over 150 pieces of information, much of which doesn't stay the same throughout a lifetime.

Email me if you want to know this about yourself. 

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Angel-Light Love
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