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Monday, October 22, 2012


October 22, 2012

A Facebook friend requested methods to clear energies today, and I sent her the following in an email.

Process 1: 

Take a few deep breaths to relax into a light meditative state. Then project your consciousness/focus on the area that is showing symptoms. Imagine yourself journeying into that area. When you feel you are there, shift to allow yourself to sense what is there. Allow your imagination to guide you.  Announce yourself, such as:  “I Am [your name].  This is my body, my space. What is going on here? Who is hiding? I demand you reveal yourself to me now. I want to resolve this now.”  You get the idea.  You may or may not see a shape, a life form, a color, etc.  Even if you don’t, you can say, “I want to call you by your name. What are you called? What is your name?”  If no response, choose a name. One I’ve used is “John Wayne.”  Often you will be corrected by another name or a term like “greed.”  Ask, “Who sent you?”  Always allow enough time for a response. Ask, “Why are you here in my body?”  Ask, “How long have your been in my body?”  Or, “When did you first join me?” (because this may be a carryover from another existence).  You can choose other questions to ask as well. 

When you feel you’ve received all the information, then begin the process of releasing.  Thank the life form (whether you have seen it or not), and say, “Is there any reason you can’t return to your home base now?”  If needed, you can add words such as, “I have the authority to dismiss you from my space, and I do so now.  Remove yourself from my premises and take all your stuff/tools with you.  You do not have my permission to return.  Caveat:  If you determine this is something beneficial to you, then your questions and instructions will be different.  However, be aware of shapeshifters and deceivers. 

This process was very helpful to a woman who was dying of cancer whom we the Angel-Light Team were counseling. She said she learned a lot and claimed that it helped with the pain level.  

Once I was feeling sadness and heaviness in the heart area and couldn’t determine the cause, so I journeyed in and saw a cube, about the size of a box of books you could carry when moving.  It seemed to be made of solid metal.  There were two little elf-like beings with it.  Long story short, questioning found that I was the one who had put it there.  I had to call in some more of their kind to help them move the cube out.  I thanked them, of course.  I began feeling relief immediately, and in a couple hours all the sadness and heaviness was gone. Did this once with a knee in pain.  I had endured, and then it occurred to me to deal with the pain this way—to practice what I teach.  Found a little elf-like being with a tool box.  He gasped and asked, “How did you know I was here?”  After moving him out, the knee began feeling less pain and it was completely gone in a day or so.  Enough examples for you? 

Process 2: 

Place your hand on the area that is showing symptoms—or exactly opposite if you cannot reach the area. For example, if the symptoms are on the back of the trunk of the body, one can put the hand on the front of the body.  You can gently pat the area or just leave your hand gently in place.  Take a few deep breaths and focus on your heart center, imagining loving that area of your body, and saying (aloud, if possible):  “I apologize.  Please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you.”  Do this at least three times at one sitting.  Continue several times daily until you sense release. Often images or words come as the release is happening or immediately thereafter.

Process 3:

If you’re familiar with moving energy into and through various parts of your physical and light bodies, you can do that with the area as well with the intent to clear the discomfort. However, you wouldn’t learn much, if any thing, and it might be important information. Also, many times the area is resistant to clearing if the core and root causes aren’t addressed. 

Process 4:

In many cases (but not always), it is important to find the core/root causes of the pain and discomfort. One can do this with an experienced facilitator who will assist you in relaxing and exploring and questioning.  A psychic-type person can give some clues, but relying ONLY on a reading to obtain core and root causes is not recommended. Your personal involvement in the process is important. If you have experience in self-exploration and/or a clear connection with your Divine Support Team, you can often get the information you are seeking without the assistance of a facilitator. And you can ask your Team to release and clear the causes and the symptoms.

You can use the suggestions elsewhere in this document to create your own exploration processes or find some on the Internet and in books.

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Angel-Light Love
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