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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


May 15, 2013

We have written on the subject of soul dynamics several times heretofore. Please consider this piece both a restatement and a clarification.

A human body-mind unit is a complete animal/mammal with a personality (aka ego) and functional even without a soul. However, each body has, of necessity, an animating spirit. Some human body-mind units are more developed than others. The human body-mind unit has a consciousness all its own. When a soul consciousness merges with the human body mind, there is a change in both.

Concerning the Soul (sometimes called Overself), to describe it simply, a Soul/Overself extends into human body-mind units to explore lifetimes with various different experiences on the space-time continuum. Some claim this to be twelve in number; others claim the number is much more. These embodiments are sometimes called Soul Extensions. A Soul is part of an Oversoul Group. An Oversoul is sometimes called a Creator Soul.    A Soul Extension can split/fragment so as to have a wider variety of experiences throughout space and time.  Soul Extensions can also fragment/split as a result of trauma and be found living in different bodies. As many as four concurrent embodiments have been found by researchers, but it is more common to find one or two. These are called parallel lives.  If one considers the Soul group or even the full Oversoul family, there can be found many lives to explore.

Truth be told, at this level of existence, one cannot be certain what is accurate and what isn’t, but one can get an understanding of soul dynamics.

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