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Thursday, December 05, 2013


December 5, 2013

Received an email recently from a long-time contact who lives in the far northern USA where it gets very cold in the winter.  She has been an animal rescuer and caregiver (especially cats) almost her entire adult life (and she is currently retired and on set income).  She has an acquaintance who is also retired and on set income who rescues cats and keeps them in a shelter she established—except for the very ill cats who she takes into her home until the veterinarian has assisted them.  The shelter has not been set up with government (despite its existence of quite a few years), so the woman isn’t set up to receive money to assist in her efforts. Vet bills are climbing and funds are needed, which is the reason my contact sent an email to all of her contacts telling her rescue story and the predicament of her acquaintance.  I already knew that my contact tends to get quite emotional about animals suffering, and she reported her emotional meltdowns and tears of the last few weeks as a result of her attempts to rescue and save cats. 

My response to the email:  You have a big, beautiful heart. It is to remember that you cannot "save the world" (something I have had to tell myself many times).  You do what you can (which you are) and pray for the others you cannot help. The master rises above the masses and acts with compassion--not sympathy.  The master acts from her higher feeling body--not lower emotional body. Become the master.

It is to understand that strong bouts of emotion wreck havoc on the body, mind, and spirit and aren’t conducive to one’s wellbeing.

Again, the message of this email:  The master rises above the masses and acts with compassion—not sympathy. The master acts from her higher feeling body—not lower emotional body. Become the master.

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