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Sunday, December 08, 2013


December 8, 2013

Recently an awake and aware Facebook friend shared that he/she noticed a homeless man staring and “freaked out” when he/she saw in the man’s eyes that he had spirits attached/possessing.  (Spirits that are attached are not normally noticed in such a way.  Possessing spirits—which can be from 5% on up to 95% can be. So this man is possessed.)  The FB friend shared:  “I believe in some cases, not all, that mental illness stems from partial or full possession. One of these days, I'm going to get permission to work on him in the quantum field. Can't say I can help him, but it doesn't hurt to try. Those entities didn't want to leave him.”

It is my opinion that many cases of mental illness can be healed via spirit/entity release. In fact, many cases of DID/MPD can be found to be caused by spirit possession or attachment--to some degree.  Possession can be from 5% to 95%. Attachments can be in the hundreds.  Usually (but not always), I instruct the Angel-Light Team to do the releasing rather than attempt it my own self. Whenever anything is released/cleared, it has to be replaced by something else, and we use certain vibrations of light energy.  It is very important for everything that is released to be fully processed, and that varies depending on the type of spirit/entity possessing or attaching. This ensures they aren't able to circulate and find another human body-mind unit to attach to or possess. Also, the highest goal is to focus on assisting the attachments/possessors with their deliverance and healing and transformation.  If they are treated as the ones needing assistance rather than the person they have attached to or possessed, then they are more open to moving out/off and getting on with their eternal lives.

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