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Thursday, June 26, 2014


June 26, 2014

I subscribe to the blog of Laura Bruno at http://laurabruno.wordpress.com.  In Laura’s June 28, 2014 blog titled,  “Recent Relationship Patterns as Realities Split,” she discusses how there have been relationship challenges going on as this 3D level of existence becomes more polarized, and more and more people are “not a match” (vibrationally incompatible). This includes love-mates, friends, acquaintances, and even family.  Laura recommends the June 23, 2014 blog of Chautauqua titled, “Shifting Timelines, Free Will, and the Power of Choice, at http://augureye.blogspot.com and adds it on to her blog.  I resonate very much with it and will share some excerpts here.

“Have you been feeling of late that someone turned up the treadmill on the rat race? Perhaps the world has begun feeling a bit like an accelerating merry-go-round threatening to toss you off if your grip fails. Does it feel as if insanity gains more ground every day . . .?”   Oh yes! Stop the world! I want to get off!  Chautauqua recommends we try to surf the crest of the changes happening all around us rather than be pummeled and pounded by them.  Chautauqua and many other awake and aware individuals have recognized that there is a separation of two opposite and divergent timelines going on.  As Chautauqua describes it, one timeline remains at 4th dimensional/density frequency, and the other is moving up an octave on the evolutionary scale to 5th dimension/density.  Chautauqua recommends we decide which of these two dimensions/densities we intend to resonate with and give it all our mental energy and focus.  Actually, some of us are already vibrating with 5th dimension/density, 6th dimension/density, 7th dimension/density and even beyond. All these are accessible as one focuses.  This year I’ve had more difficulty remaining at the higher frequencies than ever before, and have been more in 5th dimension/density which is below (yes, below) my usual vibration level.  What has been very beneficial for me recently has been to decree and affirm that I Am “shifting into vibrational resonancy with 5th density and 6th density and 7th density and beyond.”  I include 5th density just to cover all the bases. When so doing, I deep breathe and imagine my energy expanding upward. We can share other methods of raising/increasing one’s vibration privately.

During these challenging times of separation of timelines, Chautauqua tells readers:  “The key here is in your intention! Whatever your intention is, focus on that, because by so doing you are essentially programming your uplink to the Unified Quantum Field.  If your heart’s desire is to stick around and see how this all plays out, then by all means, keep obsessing about the current state of world politics, wars, and rumors of wars, and your wish will be granted.  If, however, you desire a more refined spiritual environment, now is the time to place your order, as the veils are lifting, the timelines are diverging. Wherever your thoughts and intent are focused the strongest and longest, that is where your energy will flow to. It has to.” [I need this reminder at this time.]

I agree with Chautauqua on this: “Unfortunately for us average folks, one of their [the overlords/controllers and their agents] nastiest tricks is to keep us distracted by setting us against each other with a mine field of ‘hot button issues’ which only serve to divide us further than we already are.”

Chautauqua completes the lengthy blog:  “So, yeah, if you’re getting the feeling lately that the world is a runaway train headed for a washed-out bridge with no one at the controls, and everyone is fighting over seating arrangements, that’s actually fairly accurate, and if you aren’t concerned now, you really should be.  Maybe it’s time to quietly get up, leave the baggage, and find your way to the nearest exit [and shift onto a higher vibrational timeline].  This train is gonna crash whether you are on it or not, whether you believe it or not, so why stick around?  There is still time to make a hasty transfer to that train on the next track over, headed for 5th dimension/density, but at this late date you may have to jump for it.”

There is so much more in the blog, and I recommend reading it all at http:://augureye.blogspot.com.

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