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Saturday, July 05, 2014


July 5, 2014

I appreciate a recent blog of Carla Fox titled “Grounding” at http://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com.   Personally, as a soul, I don’t resonate much with Planet Earth, and I’ve never been very enthusiastic about grounding myself here. However, the fact is that it is very important to be grounded to the earth—because here I am. Sometimes I spend more time just above my body than in it. Carla equates being grounded with being in the body:  “If one is not grounded into the center of the earth, one cannot be in their body.  Plain and simple.”   Oh, must I do that?  Carla makes her point well:  “We are all children of the earth this time around, no matter where we originally came from.  Our bodies are made up of the elements of the earth, and the earth sustains us.  This is a given, even if we feel that our allegiance lies with another star system or off planet race.”  Aw shucks!

Seriously, I realize it is important to be adequately grounded to the earth (for many reasons). It’s just that I’d rather not be. Carla gives several good reasons:  “If one is not grounded, any positive energetic changes that one makes are only temporary.  By grounding in these changes, the cellular memory of the body gets it and the changes made are longer lasting. Grounding also enables each one of us to dump our energetic toxins into the earth, thus keeping our energy fields clean, clear and moving.  If this dumping is not done, full body conditions can result such as arthritis, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, depression or chronic anger.  We build up energetic toxins every day from medications, toxic emotions, drugs (prescription or illegal), alcohol, sugar, gluten, and even allergens such as pet dander!  All of this needs to flow down to the earth core for combustion so that we can remain healthy.  If one is not occupying their body, they are more open to invasion of all sorts, from negative energy sent to you by another person to parasites or the deer tick that causes Lyme’s Disease.  I always say that when the house is empty, the bums move in. We do not want any of these bums living in our houses!” 

Carla teaches a specific grounding exercise which I’ll share here with slight revisions and recommendations.  She recommends standing up for the grounding until you get accustomed to using this method. After that, sit or recline while grounding.  First imagine a globe of golden light energy 6’ to 12’ over your head—about the size of a basketball—which is compacted and can be expanded.  Some call this your Overself, some call it your Divine Self.  Carla describes this as “your personal source which is outside of time and space” and “the place where you draw in higher dimensional energy from your eternal self.”   
I recommend reaching up toward the globe of light with your physical hands, imagining your fingers extending up to the ball of light that is your Overself, and gently pulling down a portion into your body, placing it in the head or wherever you wish.    Do this several times—placing the light energy in different places each time.  Just doing this feels very good.  Carla instructs:  “Bring a stream of your golden source energy straight down towards your head.  Remember that this energy is infinite, so you cannot ever drain that golden globe.  Open the top of your head as if it is a large funnel.  As the stream of energy approaches, allow the golden energy to flow into your head and down inside the rest of your body, filling up every nook and cranny from the top down.  Pay special attention to the areas that do not seem to be filling up very well and spend extra time in those places if need be.  Take your time here.  Work this golden energy down through the body, filling up your arms and legs, too.” I recommend using the physical hands to facilitate this because doing so makes it more “hands on.” 

After you sense your physical body is filled with the golden light energy (your self), expand it out from 3 ½’ to 5’ beyond your body into your auric field because the auric field consists of important elements of your host body, and it is important to be there, too.  Beginning with the physical body, there is the etheric body, emotional body, the mental body, the astral body, the etheric template body, the celestial body, and the causal body/ketheric template body. (There is more information available on the auric field on this my site. Just insert “light energy bodies” and then “auric field” in the search box.)

To ground to the center of the earth as Carla recommends, “Open the bottoms of your feet to allow the golden energy to drain out.  Also note that you will have a third stream coming out of your tail bone and flowing between your legs to the earth’s surface. At this point, the stream of golden light coming from your tail bone and the ones coming out of the bottoms of your feet will merge as they touch the earth’s surface. Your job is to make sure that you connect this now single stream of golden energy into the very heart of the earth.  Anchor it there in any way you wish, and hold that sensation for at least a minute.  This will allow your cellular memory to be imprinted with the feeling of being totally connected to the planet.”

According to Carla, it is good to do this procedure after you awake to begin your day and before you lay your body down to sleep, as well as at other times when you feel “disconnected, overwhelmed, or spacey.”  You’ll find a wealth of information on Carla Fox’s blog site at http://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com. Check it out!

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