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Saturday, August 02, 2014


August 2, 2014

A full subscription to the printed Dallas Morning News is a gift to myself every month for lots of reasons. And I read or scan almost everything except the stock market listings and the sports section (although occasionally I also read an article in the sports section).

Dave Ramsey is a financial advisor and tends to be ultra conservative. You’d think that his columns wouldn’t be something I’d read/scan, but I do.  I was pleasantly surprised by his advise in a column that appeared in the July 7, 2014 Dallas Morning News, and I want to share the best of it here:

“Wealth is for quality of life, and quality of life includes giving. It also includes a safe and stable future. But if you have to surrender the joy in life to do that—to build extra wealth or build at a different pace—well, to me that’s just wrong.  Contentment has nothing to d with how many hours you work or how many zeroes are in your bank account. Contentment has to do with your state of being. It’s connected to your sense of gratitude, happiness and your priorities.  The idea that contentment is on the same spectrum as ambition? No, it’s not. I don’t think you should take on a job or a schedule you hate just to pay off your house a couple of years earlier.  I wouldn’t do that, and I don’t recommend you do it either. People should do something with their lives they find enjoyable and they’re called to do.”

Don’t you just love it?

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