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Friday, September 19, 2014


September 19, 2014

I recently forwarded an article from a blogger to a supporter (SS) about the removal of chakras (energy wheels that are part of our electromagnetic system).  When reading his excellent thoughts on the subject, I decided I would ask him if I could share them in a blog article  And then at the end of that paragraph, he suggested the subject might be a good one for the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ We agree, so here it is—in the form of sharing our email communications on the topic.  

SS:  Thanks for forwarding. I read that the other day and it is a good one. Funny, but I was going to forward you her blog entry previous to this but then I figured you probably already received her blog. I am very interested in her perspective on  the chakras being part of the synthetic matrix and how she got rid of them to further her own sovereignty. I like the way she tells it like she experiences it. She seems to also have respect for [name removed] and his take on the chakras. You have a different take on your chakras don’t you?

Angel-Light: I don't agree with [name deleted] and [name deleted] who recommend removing one’s chakras.   In fact, I'm fairly certain he's the one that started the hoopla about removing them. There are other long-time teachers and facilitators that feel the same as I do.  A lot of the issues people have with chakras can be alleviated if they seal them. That's different from closing them down (which I don't recommend except temporarily). That's way different than removing them (and I wonder if they are really removed at all).

SS: Yeah, I am not sure what to think about it as well.  And like you say, maybe they are just sealing them/deactivating them instead of actually removing them. But this still brings up an interesting point in that if they really are being deactivated or removed with no ill effects, then what are they there for and are they really doing anything important? 

Angel-Light:  If you google these words "do animals have chakras," there are entries about healers working with the chakras of animals. I already knew that some healers work with chakras of animals, but wanted to see if there was any reading available.  I just don't think that the claims of people that the chakra system is part of the control system, etc. are correct.  They are part of life, part of nature.  They are of physical life and part of the astral body. I'm reminded just now that what people who claim to be removing their chakras are actually doing is sealing them.  That might make them undetectable by others who wish to gain access to a person through the chakras. Any thoughts?

SS: You know Angel-Light, I am somewhat on the fence about this, but I lean toward your view that they are a natural part of our energetic body. I am inclined to think that the hoopla over the chakra system is more related to ending a co-opting of the system by team dark. Perhaps our chakra system has become a convenient doorway into our energetic body by those entities who want to control us. Let’s face it, the majority of people today are clueless about their chakras, and even in those cultures where they are taught of them, I doubt many do much to maintain their optimal function. However, reading a bit more of the experiences of those who have shut/eliminated their chakras is quite revealing in that they don’t seem to have suffered many (if any) ill effects.  Honestly, I have never resonated much with any of my chakras, and even focusing on them in meditation never elicited much physical reaction at all. But when I concentrate on my heart center, it is like cracking the door open on a burning furnace, and it is this energy I can expand to the rest of my body.  It has never worked for me to do these chakra energy exercises (spinning this and that, moving energy here and there, visualizing colors and whatnot). All this spinning various directions and colors and complicated stuff seems too complex. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important, but different strokes for different folks I guess. I am a firm believer in keeping it simple, (KISS) and think this whole thing is getting a bit out of hand—a distraction from what is important.   Sure I can feel some tingling in my crown, third eye and elsewhere by focusing on chakras, but now for the most part I focus solely within my heart area to bring this energy to the surface (can feel it welling as I write this) and move it to the rest of my body. This energy seems much more genuine to me. I suppose this is why I am on the fence about the whole chakra issue and am feeling that really the only place I need to focus is within, and this is where the TRUE light resides. Perhaps by focusing on the chakras we are unwittingly allowing the FALSE light through the door without realizing the consequences. As for animals having chakras,  I don’t see why not as they are living energetic beings.  If life at its core is a fractal energy matrix, then it stands to reason that living, sentient beings would have a system of energy centers similar to ours. We already know that animals can communicate with us and use higher reasoning and thought processes, so we are not taking too far of a jump to conclude they would have energetic centers also. My observation of this world in my short time here has shown me that humans really like to make things seem much more  complicated than they are. This covers everything, but is especially relevant for religion, be it traditional or new age. If we focused on a few simple things, then most of these distractions would no longer even be relevant. It doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the distractions, it is just that they are no longer relevant to our condition. For example, focusing on the heart center (or wherever else) to bring forth true light would pretty much make the distractions irrelevant. Things like chakras would still be there but we wouldn’t be concerned about them spinning this way or that, being a dark side portal etc. Like disease, if we only ever deal with the symptoms/distractions (chakra spinning, colors, balancing this and that, etc) we get nowhere. This is what team dark is counting on! [end of email]

Angel-Light to all Readers:  No need to be obsessive about our chakras/energy wheels.  However, I do feel that it is important to keep them free and clear and balanced, etc., just as with our light energy bodies (auric field).  We offer numerous handouts with processes on so doing to ministry supporters.

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