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Friday, September 26, 2014


September 26, 2014

Here is my response to an email received recently about the issue of “chakra removal”: All the chakra scuttlebutt that has been going around for a year or two--about the chakras being implants and recommending their removal, etc. is absurd. I've read and studied the reasoning of the people promoting chakra removal, read those who disagree with them, refreshed my memory by re-reading information of other healing facilitators, consulted with the Angel-Light Team, and I very much disagree with the people who claim chakras are implants and are to be removed.  I feel even more strongly about it than when I wrote a recent blog on the issue. 

The merkaba is the light body, and the terms are used interchangeably.  It is our Divine light vehicle, a vehicle for ascension. It is used to connect with and ascend into higher realms (higher vibratory existence) and travel from one dimension/density to another.  In recent weeks, I have been affirming/decreeing: “In the name of Christ and with my Applied Conscious Intent, I Angel-Light decree I Am embedding in my light body and living in light body—on a full and permanent basis now.”  To say it has enhanced my wellbeing would be an understatement. I noticed a marked improvement the first time I did this while seated and relaxed and told myself, “I could get addicted to this.”  I do this simple process at least once a day and any time I begin to feel a little off or in need of a recharge. I have recommended it to several people.   

The energy bodies are "levels" of the auric field, which usually extends from 3 ½’ to 4 ½’ beyond the physical body (not the same as energy field, which we usually find to extend about 45’ from the core of the physical body of the average person).  The energy centers are also called chakras and energy wheels. They are at every level of our auric field--every level (and most healing facilitators have counted seven). I strongly suspect that the people who claim to have removed their chakras are only removing them at one level--probably the etheric body that is the most dense energy body (with physical body being the more dense, of course). After the physical body and etheric body are the emotional body, the mental body, the astral body, the etheric template body, the celestial body, and the causal body.

The energy centers and the energy bodies are components of our energetic system. Our bio-energetic system is a combination of the physical and the energy (including energy centers).  

For optimal wellbeing, maintaining the health of the energy centers/chakras and energy bodies/auric field is important.  Most dis-ease begins in the energy.  If one isn't taking care of the physical body but letting pollutants/contaminants  (of various types) build up, sickness and disease and death are well on the way. The same thing applies to our energetic system--our energy centers and energy bodies. It is my opinion that if people are actually removing their energy centers/chakras at all levels (and I'm very doubtful), they are sabotaging their health and wellbeing.

Other creatures (dogs, horses, etc.) also have energetic systems with energy centers. Bottom line: It's nature!

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