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Saturday, November 29, 2014


November 29, 2014

Had someone tell me recently that he/she had been struggling with negative thoughts and was very concerned because it wasn’t his/her nature to dwell on the negative. I can relate to that issue.  In fact, yesterday I read an article in “Smithsonian” magazine that didn’t quite turn my stomach, but left me with a cluster of awful information hovering in my mind until I deleted it.  Watching violence on television and in movies is something I have avoided for many years because it is so unlike my nature. However, I have come across words reporting violence and atrocities (current and throughout history) in the newspaper and magazines and on the Internet.  I read because I want to be informed about past and present. Sometimes I just scan when I realize the information is of very low vibration.

Anyway, sometimes negativity comes into one’s mind as described, and sometimes it is created by one’s own mind, and other times it has come into the mind because of connections with other people and/or wayward spirits in one’s space.  Negative (and other) thought forms can even be picked up via the “airwaves.”   There can be other causes, but I’ll stop here. 

The expedient way to deal with negative thoughts  (or mental images, for that matter)  is to push the mental delete button—much in the same fashion as pushing the delete button on the keyboard.  You just imagine a delete button and push it while saying the word delete (silently or aloud).   Some brain patterns become more deeply ingrained over time, so someone prone to negative thoughts might find it necessarily to do this often during a day. This can get results even if the thoughts are not one’s own, but not 100% of the time. (In such cases, investigation and spiritual healing may be needed.)

Try hitting the mental delete button when there is a negative thought, then repeat as often as necessary until the thought no longer exists.  Practicing this technique over time will go a long way toward terminating the tendency toward negative thoughts created by one’s own mind.  “Practice makes perfect.”  Whether it takes three days or three months or three years, the tendency toward negative thoughts can be neutralized.

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