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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


January 27, 2015

Something on the PBS program “Antiques Roadshow” yesterday evening got me to thinking about how some of the lives that I (the soul) have lived on earth ended (how the body died). I was too lazy to get up and pull a blank Soul Lives Reading form, so I quickly made a list of possible unusual causes of death. I hadn’t thought of dying from an ant attack, but the words “killed by ants” came into my mind, and I had a faint (thankfully) vision of a body in a jungle and huge ants crawling over it. My thought was that it must be impacting the present life or it wouldn’t have come up.  You see, how one’s lives have ended is only useful information if it is impacting the current life, whether positively or negatively.  

I hadn’t been aware of the death by ants before, but I had been aware of some other means of death—both specifically and vaguely.  For example, twenty or so years ago, there was an attractive, good man in the North Central Texas wholistic community who was attracted to me, but I had an underlying dislike of him for no apparent reason.  When I went within and asked why, I was shown a video or slide show (forget which) and given information.  Long story short, he was an authority in the church and allowed my body to be burned at the stake in front of his eyes to save his own selfish self.  My bodies have burned at the stake twice.  Once was in England because I was accused of being a witch by the church; the other time was in the Middle East/Turkey (by Christians—Crusaders?).  Being burned at the stake has impacted this current life 75%.  I felt some stress when I discovered my body had been crucified (by Christians in Italy), so I knew it must be impacting the current life (yes, 85%).  There has been difficulty with heights this lifetime, such as a swaying of the body as if to fall when looking down from high places. My bodies died due to falls about twenty times, and that is affecting the current life 80%.  There have been seventeen deaths during childbirth, and these are affecting the current life about 80%.  I didn’t differentiate between being the infant and being the mother, but I do know that in this life I refused to have more than one child. Enough about my soul lives.  I just wanted to give readers an idea of how the means of death of bodies that the soul has occupied can affect the present life.  (There are several ways to lessen or even terminate the negative effects of other soul lives.)  Our  DNA can also carry death records, of our ancestors, but doing a general search such as we do for soul lives would be overwhelming.  It is easier just to pick a possible cause, such as starvation and clear the issue from the genetics.  Some healing facilitators have assisted  obese people who have death by starvation in their DNA. These can sometimes be accessed via altered states of consciousness with a skilled facilitator.  Much of my body's congenital bone/structural system irregularities/abnormalities originated about nine generations. ago in one of my lineages.  Our blog articles are designed to be short and don’t cover full information on particular subjects.  I could go on and on with this one, but this is enough.

Some, but not all, of the other causes of death on the Past Life Reading form are beheading, hanging, drowning,  earthquakes and volcanoes, snakes, poisoning, and killed by animals.  This reading by the Angel-Light Team is basic and, among other things, includes professions/major activities, countries/cultures.  It generally covers the current cycle of about 8,000 years.

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