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Monday, January 26, 2015


January 26, 2015

What is weighing you down?  What or who are you carrying?  Some non-physical issues can cause excess physical weight—especially if present over a lengthy period of time; other non-physical issues don’t cause excess physical weight. Most people don’t realize that metaphysical weight and emotional weight can also be measured.  The word physical needs no definition. There are numerous meanings for the word metaphysical.  For purposes of this article, by metaphysical, we mean something that is abstract and/or not physical.

I had been feeling heavy and weighed down for a couple days.  And the pressure and discomfort in the coccyx area of the spine increased so much that I finally had to make time for dealing with the causes.  Being awake and aware and experienced with such things, I knew to check for entrainments and energy entanglements with other people, any energy bits of other people I was carrying, attached spirits and entities (including piggybackers and hitchhikers), overshadows of my person and extensions into my person that might be causing issues, and cords and connections with others that were detrimental. Before I began addressing the issues, I measured and found that I was carrying over nine hundred pounds of metaphysical weight! Yes, I know, I should have made time for it a day ago. 

I also knew to check the integrity of my auric egg aka auric field.  It is very important to repair and restore the auric field; however, the contaminants must be removed before so doing, or they could be trapped and damage the auric egg again.  I have to report that, for many if not most people with metaphysical issues, doing this once doesn’t mean it won’t be necessary again and again over time.  Most of us haven’t been targeted by highly skilled, covert government operatives who have been taught how to make slits in the auric fields of people.  But many of us have been and are targeted by people engaged in the dark arts.  By dark I mean acts with intent to harm or manipulate or control other people.  And many more people have damaged or weakened auric eggs because of surgeries, physical abuse, and certain hallucinogenic drugs.

A Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis by the Angel-Light Team can reveal the majority of the various contaminants and interferences that can be found engaged with our persons.  

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