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Saturday, January 24, 2015


January 24, 2015

A spiritual and metaphysicial healing/wellbeing facilitator of high integrity (low-key, without a web site) shared what happened when he/she was facilitating for a person recently: ". . . Then these two beings [seen only by people with the gift/skill of clairvoyance] which are basically neutral showed up and told me what their function is, which is to clear people, places, and things out of this human's path when required. They said 'he thinks he makes bad things happen to other humans, and it's us.'  I explained theses beings and their function, and he began to shake a bit and validated their activity with him.  I asked him if, throughout his life when he would encounter vindictive and nasty people, he would kind of think bad thoughts about them, and shortly afterwards something bad would happen to them.  He said yes. I explained the function of these two beings and that they were acting upon his 'requests.' But since he did not understand that they existed and the dynamics of their function, he was not responsible for their actions. However, now he knows he is responsible for the 'tasks' that he 'asks' them to do.  I explained that in order not to experience a 'balance' (unpleasant) of sending them on tasks based upon his ego, he must give them new rules that are defensive in nature only, and that they cannot harm anybody.  He asked if he needed them gone, and I said definitely not, that they are there to provide a vital function of protecting him, but that it's just time he understand the physics of a greater reality that exists. Like so many others, he came here to do this type of work [deliverance, metaphysical, spiritual], and he will be challenged."  [No kidding! I just put on my "warrior hat" again because of increased challenges.]

I have blogged about  thoughts and prayers being acted upon by one's "unseen associates"  several times over the ten years on the “Angel-Light Beamer” site, including:  “Prayer Warriors” (January 10, 2014),  “Imprecatory Prayer” (October 8, 2009), “Hermetics and Negative Prayer” (October 20, 2008), “Prayer—Positive and Negative” (August 19, 2007), and  “Negative Prayer” (November 22, 2005).  The type of prayer discussed in the first paragraph is imprecatory prayer.  Its opposite is intercessory prayer. Several web sites discuss imprecatory prayer, including www.gotquestions.org, which informs that to imprecate means “to invoke evil upon or curse” one’s enemies. According to “The Old Testament” of “The Holy Bible,” King David issued imprecatory prayers many times (and so did others). 

Here’s an excerpt from the January 10, 2014 blog titled “Prayer Warriors”: Most people aren't both sensitive and aware enough to recognize when they are being adversely impacted by the negative thoughts and prayers of others. For more information on the subject, I recommend one of the books of Larry Dossey, M.D.: Be Careful What You Pray For . . . You Just Might Get It  (San Francisco: Harper, 1997). Info on all Dr. Dossey's books is available on his web site: www.dosseydossey.com. Here's the description for those who want more info on the subject: In this frank and challenging book, Dr. Dossey sets out to understand the "neglected shadow side" of prayer. Having established the benefits of prayer in Prayer is Good Medicine and Healing Words, Dossey flips the coin and asks "Can prayer harm?" The resulting inquiry takes us through the history of negative prayer. Dr. Dossey looks at the various forms that prayer's "shadow" can take, whether it be hexing, the death wish, the evil eye, or merely harboring a bad attitude. . . . By acknowledging the potential harm of each negative thought [prayer], it becomes possible to manifest the positive in its stead. Dr. Dossey's stirring discussion is at once a cautionary tale and a declaration of confidence in our ability to reshape our most private thoughts for the ultimate benefit of humanity.

Intercessory prayer is, simply, praying on behalf of others.

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