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Saturday, January 03, 2015


January 3, 2015

Someone experiencing psychic attacks asked me in recent weeks (again) why Archangel Michael isn't coming to his/her rescue (at her request), and my response was similar to Charlene’s words. I have recommended a "clarion call/universal all call" to this person more than once. Christ Michael the Archangel gave me my sword (when I was alone) and an emerald cross (when I was with a healer friend), and I have carried his essence off and on over the years.  I do call on him at times; however, his words "take up the sword I have given you and never put it down" have remained in my consciousness for many years.

I will share here some prose of Mary Summer Rain, titled “The Light Warrior”:  “Spirit’s battles can come as a swift sword that plunges deeply. Blood and tears flow. They intermingle. The defender is felled. Raising blurred eyes to the Light, the Spirit does know what must be done. The Warrior grabs the hilt, extracts the blade from self, and holds high the bloodied rapier.  The Warrior, struck down, transforms the painful wound into a Sign of Strength—a Medal of Valor.  The Wound becomes the Mark of Power. The Sword becomes the Coup Stick. Together they become the Shield. And the Warrior is empowered to fight on.”

This Light Warrior is in semi-retirement, preferring to engage in other aspects of the ministry—teaching and healing.

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