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Thursday, January 15, 2015


January 15, 2015

It is very empowering to create a Statement of Being and voice it (with focused intent—not as if you’re reading) at least once if not several times daily.  I have a paragraph of statements, which begins: “I Am [insert your name]. I Am Soul. I Am Light Divine. I Am The I Am That I Am.”  If you don’t yet have one, try this one for several days, substituting your name for mine of course. Pay attention to how you feel.  It helps if you’ve learned to engage  the entire trunk of your body when breathing.  Hint:  After breathing in such a fashion for many years, it becomes more or less automatic.

Also recommended is naming and claiming your personal sacred space on a daily basis (speaking as the soul occupying the body), such as:  “I Am [your name]. This human body is my sovereign sacred space. I Am a Sovereign Being in my sovereign space. I Am sovereign in my domain.  I Am [your name].”  If you live alone, speak thusly:  “I Am [your name]. This human body is my sovereign sacred space, and this my home is my sovereign space. I Am a Sovereign Being in my sovereign space. I Am sovereign in my domain.  I Am [your name].”  Remember that your auric field aka auric egg is a part of your human body. This is several layers of light energy that overlay, penetrate, and extend beyond the physical body from about three and a half feet to about five feet.

If you haven’t been in the habit of engaging in these practices, give yourself two to four weeks to try them out.  And then send an email to report any shifts and changes you experience.

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