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Friday, April 24, 2015


April 24, 2015

How does one person discern the character traits of another person?  It is a simple thing to give a single answer of conduct/behavior/actions.  However, conduct is only one part of the equation.  After all, conduct can be falsified, can be a part of a ruse, or be manipulation.  One can only guess at the intent of another—unless the other has presented his/her intent.

There is something else to consider, and that is differences between soul consciousness and the body mind.  One person who interacts with another person over time can notice contradictions in the words and behaviors.  These can be caused by fragmentation (more common than the average person realizes) or even mismatch between the soul and the body brain/mind.  (And it is not to assume all souls are pure and good. That is most definitely not the case.) 

There can be contradictions and out-of-character behaviors.  A recent, dramatic event in Spain comes to mind.  A thirteen-year-old boy, armed with a crossbow and knife, burst into tears after intentionally killing his teacher.  He also injured two other teachers and two students  And this boy is described as “a fantastic student” who “behaved wonderfully” by another teacher, who said, “"My plan was to grab him from behind and hit his hands to disarm him. I started to talk to him, there's no need to get into details, but I tried to make him snap out of it because he wasn't himself, he was acting like a robot. At first he'd repeat things mechanically but gradually he became himself. He dropped his weapons, I dropped the stick, he slowly returned to reason. We sat down to talk and he collapsed, he burst into tears. I think the world collapsed for him."  Readers can probably recall other cases—some more dramatic than others. This case is probably either temporary possession by undesirable outside influences (aka demonic possession) or mind programming and control from a distance (and various methods are used).  Because of the robotic behaviors, I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter (although not certain). Could also be a result of extreme fragmentation. No photo of the boy was available, but he probably had a look in his eyes as if he was in a trance, or “not there,” or “insane” or crazy” (such as I’ve noticed in young people involved in mass shootings here in the USA). The average person has not a clue as to how much humanity is manipulated and controlled by extradimensional and interdimensional beings (and government operatives who are working in concert with them).  Highly-skilled humans who engage in the dark arts have also been able to manipulate and control others—although not to the degree as the extradimensionals and interdimensionals.

More information on this subject is widely available on the Internet. Read, study, learn. Awake.

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