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Sunday, June 07, 2015


June 7, 2015

Terms commonly used by computer programmers and those who service computers can be useful for those of us engaged in spiritual and metaphysical healing. They cover a lot of territory.  Recently, I came across yet another comment about hacking as regards to persons being hacked. I had been giving a wee bit of thought about the subject in recent months, but it wasn’t until today that I seriously explored the meaning of the term. 

I did an Internet search for good definitions of the label “hackers” as regards computers.  Hackers, according to www.wikipedia.org, are people “committed to circumvention of computer security. This primarily concerns unauthorized remote computer break-ins via communication networks such as the Internet (Black hats), but also includes those who debug or fix security problems (White hats), and the morally ambiguous Grey hats.” According to www.techterms.com, “While this term originally referred to a clever or expert programmer, it is now more commonly used to refer to someone who can gain unauthorized access to other computers. A hacker can hack his or her way through the security levels of a computer system or network. This can be as simple as figuring out somebody else's password or as complex as writing a custom program to break another computer's security software. Hackers are the reason software manufacturers release periodic security updates to their programs. While it is unlikely that the average person will get hacked, some large businesses and organizations receive multiple hacking attempts a day.”  These two sources provide basic information about hackers and hacking.

The most recent information about people being hacked was that this can be easily done by foreign negatives of various kinds through the brain stem (aka reptilian brain), which is accessed at the hollow point area of the back of the neck and head region, under certain conditions, among them being uncentered or disconnected from one’s core. I decided it was time to investigate the subject of consciousness hacking and check out the people on the current list and others for better insights. I realized that it would seem some hacking of consciousness can be helpful and beneficial, especially when done as part of spiritual and metaphysical healing. Therefore, in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process, there needs to be a differentiation between beneficial and malevolent hacking of consciousness. I settled on the term demonic because the dictionary definition of demon at this time is: an evil spirit; a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin; something that causes a person to have a lot of trouble or unhappiness. I use the terms "demons" and "demonics" in this context in the process of spiritual and metaphysical healing.
Checking people on the current list and some others (for a bigger sample) was interesting and clarifying. Indeed some people who had hackers engaged with their persons had some demonic and some others. Some (mostly cosmic and spiritual teachers) had a large number of non-demonic hackers engaged.  The person with a large number of demonic hackers engaged hasn’t wanted to continue living for some time now. I feel much compassion for this person. We the Angel-Light Team can’t “save the world,” and cannot defy the plans of oversouls for their embodiments. However, we can assist in the ways we are allowed.

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