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Thursday, June 11, 2015


June 11, 2015

We all know how beneficial a listening ear can be for our wellbeing.  I choose to share with my Inner Divine Spirit, as do many others, which some call their Inner Christ (KJV of The New Testament of The Holy Bible, Colossians 1:27, “To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”)

However, some people choose to vent to other people.  When a talker is speaking negatively about the same subject (a person, a job, or whatever) to a listener over and over again, time and time again, consider that the listener is no longer providing a listening ear but has become an enabler.  As www.wikipedia.com explains, “Enabling is a term with a double meaning in psychotherapy and mental health.”  In the negative sense of the word, which is how I’m using it here, enabling can describe “dysfunctional behavior approaches that are intended to help resolve a specific problem but in fact may perpetuate or exacerbate the problem.”

In addition, if the listener’s flow of life source energy is sufficiently blocked, the listener is not being adequately replenished and feels drained during or after the mostly one-way conversation.  That is because the talker is feeding off the energy of the listener.  The talker feels much better after the “conversation” because of taking energy from the listener.

Some talkers are open to simple questions and suggestions.  One can be, “What do you appreciate about [person subject of talker]?”  Another can be, “What about your job brings you joy?”  And so on.  Others are taken aback and don’t want any input at all and keep on rambling.  When a person continues to provide a listening ear while a talker chatters about the same issue time and time again, over and over again, that listener isn’t helping.  To do so is enabling (perpetuating or exacerbating the problem). The question a person who listens often might ask self is, “Do I choose to enable or empower [name of talker]?”

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