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Sunday, June 14, 2015


June 14, 2015

The following is from pages 112-114 of a new book, “They Exist—A Review of Key Literature on Extraterrestrial Existence" by Piers Morris.

In his outstanding 2006 book entitled “Controlling the Human Mind,” Dr. Nick Begich describes various patents that have been issued as a result of research in the field of mind control and discusses how mind control occurs. . . .  Nick Begich explains how technology can be utilized against the human mind, . . . .   In particular, electromagnetic fields can be introduced from devices outside the human body to target the brain or other parts of the body. . . .  Begich notes various patents in the field: a 1976 patent that related to the monitoring of brain activity and then the alteration of it; patents in 2000 and 2003 related to the manipulation of the nervous system by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or television; a 1989 patent related to pain reduction using pulsed electromagnetic signals that cause ion flow in the nervous system; and a 1992 patent related to the use of very low or very high frequency audio signals for delivering subliminal information—a system that bypasses the conscious mind and drops the information into the subconscious in a manner that avoids any conscious filtering of the information. In 1991, a method for changing brain waves to a desired frequency was patented.  The brain’s activity is mapped in order to read a person’s emotional state, conceptual abilities, and intellectual patterns. The brain’s natural signal can be overridden, causing the brain’s energy patterns to shift.  This is called “brain entrainment,” which causes a shift in consciousness, and can also involve direct memory transfer technology. Finally, the extraordinary patent in 1996 entitled “Method and Associated Apparatus for Remotely Determining Information as to a Person’s Emotional State,” that relates to technology which can walk through any behavior wall a person can erect and goes straight to the brain to see what might be on a person’s mind.

There is much more information about mind control and related subjects in this exciting new book. “They Exist” is available via www.amazon.com.  Read, study, learn, awake!

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