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Monday, November 09, 2015


November 9, 2015

A metaphysical facilitator posted a Facebook update recently that he had placed red jalapeños on the stomach area of someone having stomach issues and instructed the jalapeños to absorb the energy causing the upset and that alleviated the symptoms. 

How wonderful!  Another unusual method is putting a bar of soap under the sheet beneath the legs of someone experiencing restless leg syndrome and/or leg pain. I’ve read many success stories with this. There are many other unusual methods that facilitate healing and wellbeing. And to think that so many people are in denial that simple things can effect healing and contribute to wellbeing, while some give it an unusual method a try once and then give up.   One can speculate why methods such as this work for some and not for others, but there isn’t a simple answer, for people are different, and causes of dis-ease aren’t all the same.  

My contribution to the conversation was: Such things also work by instructing your body to do whatever you want it to do (whether evicting foreign negatives; terminating and eliminating all the causes of the pain/dysfunction/dis-ease and making all repairs needed and healing all wounds; or whatever). Ending the request with "now" is recommended. However establishing an ongoing loving relationship with one's body is necessary long before instructing your body to do anything (respectfully and with please and thank you).

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

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