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Friday, November 13, 2015


November 13, 2015

My “official designation”   is Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator (Spirit-Mind-Body-Environment)  (with emphasis on the spiritual and metaphysical—assistance for people and homes and locations and buildings and spirits of various types).  There are numerous activities that fit under the title Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator.  Not many people realize that assisting with the survival needs of people is something that is near and dear to my heart.

As I’ve been recalling (and, truthfully, longing for) the “Traveling Angel” years recently, I’ve also been filled with so much gratitude for all the support I received during those years—funds, lodging, automobiles.  And I’m feeling much gratitude for the many opportunities I was provided to assist others when I had a Lightmobile (automobile).  I was often guided (telepathic words, like people describe the Holy Spirit speaking) to locations where someone needed assistance—convenience stores, libraries, truck stops, fast food restaurants, neighborhoods, areas where homeless people gathered, etc. Sometimes I’d just sit in my Lightmobile or get out and walk into a building so as to be more easily available for the person I was there to assist (as yet unknown to me).   

Many times, I was able to give a few dollars to people in need—people who asked me for help and people I discovered were in need through conversations. Often there was some life coaching each time, including, “This is for you to spend (dollars), and this is for you to keep in your pocket (coin) so that you’ll always be able to tell yourself you have money,” and (to a man who asked me for a quarter to go with the coins he had in his hand), “Is a quarter all you need? Ask for what you need!”  (He received $3.00.) Gave one man at a fast food restaurant (who had lost his job) enough funds to put in the bank with other funds he had been given so that a draft for two house payments wouldn’t bounce due to insufficient funds—and then gas money and odds and ends of food items when I visited his house. Shopped at garage sales and thrift stores for duffle bags and back packs for the homeless.  Found a good set of cookware at one garage sale for a disabled man whose own cookware hadn’t managed to make the move from one location to another (and had been doing without).  The seller lowered the price when I explained who they were for and why.  Kept a supply of some things in my Lightmobile in case there was anyone who needed them.  Sometimes I even gave away things I had planned to keep because others needed them.  Sometimes I purchased groceries for people. I helped one person, who was sleeping in his truck at a truck stop until he could get his disability started, many times, including paying for his post office box (driving there my own self) for six months because he had no funds to do so, and many times with groceries, cash, and supplies. Once I was guided to rush there, and I found this proud man about to faint from hunger and diabetes, considering dumpster diving behind the restaurant at the truck stop to get something to eat. He told everyone from then on that I saved his life.  No, not me. Just Divine at work.  On and on and on it goes.  The more support I received from people to meet my needs, the more I could assist people in need.

Since I gave up the “Traveling Angel” lifestyle almost six years ago and moved to this location (mainly because the Lightmobile I had then needed to go to the automobile graveyard), there haven’t been many opportunities to be of service in such ways. I miss those days. Since then, there has been mostly just the spiritual and metaphysical assistance that we the Angel-Light Team offer.  However, there have been times when I’m presented with opportunities to be of assistance in other, small ways. 

The more one gives, the more one can receive.  The more one receives, the more one can give. Even though I seem to continuously have a list of needs and wants, I give as guided.  I want to always do my part to keep the flow moving briskly. When one most needs to receive is when one most needs to give.   Money in, money out.  Yes! In one hand, and out the other!  How wonderful!  As someone told me many years ago, “It’s only money!”

I Am grateful!

I Am Angel-Light Love of Texas. Through this physical embodiment, we the Angel-Light Team have facilitated the awakening, liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world for over 25 years. Our ministry, currently named Healing Love Lighthouse, became official in 1990.  Healing Love Lighthouse isn't a fee-for-services ministry, but a heart-centered ministry supported by donations to Angel-Light Love. If this article has benefited you in some way, please consider supporting the health and wellbeing of Angel-Light using the link on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ at http://angel-light-love-healing.blogspot.com or directly to Angel-Light Love at the address on site (funds, Amazon gift cards, Walmart shopping cards).  May all be well with you.  May there be plenty for you. 

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