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Sunday, November 15, 2015


November 15, 2015

Many people would not believe how often dealing with physical issues can be relieved in metaphysical ways.  Why?  Because many times, underlying causes are energies, frequencies, and entities, etc.

A Facebook update of a Metaphysical Practitioner posted a day before I saw it was:  “Need prayers and healing energy sent my way please. I woke up a couple of days ago with neck pain at the base of my skull and it's very debilitating. Think I slept on it wrong. Can't turn my head and haven't had decent sleep in two days. Going to the doc today. Thanks.”

I perceived an energy entity latched onto this person when I read the post, which may have knocked a section of the spine out of place (not sure of the spine thing).  The base of the skull, an area sometimes called “the alta major chakra,”  is a common place for hitchhikers/intruders/energy parasites/etc.  to latch onto people and even penetrate the physical body.  If this happens to a reader, first set your intent to remove anything foreign that might be there and reach up with your hand and pull it off and out, and then smack it between your hands to cause it to disappear from your space.  For that matter, you can do this to relieve discomfort from any part of your body.  If it is within, you place your fingers over the area and imagine them extending into the body to remove the intruder energies and state aloud what you are doing (removing the cause if the pain)  before beginning.  Always smack it between both hands.

You can also connect with your body's intelligence at your core and ask your body to eliminate and terminate all the causes of the pain (location description, or just “under my hand”). Do not forget to use “please” and “thank you.” And end every request with “on a full and permanent basis now.”   Deep breathe first, keep your eyes closed, and you may be given an image of what your body does.  The more you ask your body and thank you body for assistance over time, the more natural it becomes.

There are many other ways to metaphysically address issues of the physical body.  We are NOT suggesting one forego asking for the assistance of a medical professional when the physical body has issues.

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