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Saturday, February 06, 2016


February 6, 2016

I’ve had these feel-good, wellness enhancement procedures in my collection for many years. It may take several repetitions over several days before you feel a shift and more energy, or you may feel it immediately.  It doesn't take long to do these procedures, so why not give them a try?

Process #1:  Stand with arms by the sides and feet 6" to 1' apart.  Position your tongue behind the ridge behind the front teeth, in the middle.  Cup your hands separately with fingers together.  Rub the mastoid bones behind your ears (feels like a bony bump) vigorously with the fingertips, exerting 3-5 pounds of pressure for 30-60 seconds. Place the fingers of one hand over the naval, using 3-5 pounds of pressure, massage the navel area in a circular motion in both directions.  At the same time, with the other hand, find the "v" of the bones below your neck (the soft spot between the bones).  With thumb and forefinger, move out and down until you find the corner indentations beneath and to the outside of the bones where they make about a 90 degree angle.  Gently move your fingers in a circular motion while pressing firmly—about 3-5 pounds of pressure.  Face the palm of your dominant hand flat and toward your crotch--about 2" - 3" away.  Move the hand up almost to the chin, then back down to the crotch at a quick, even pace.  Do this 5X - 10X.  Then repeat except go beyond the chin almost to the tip of the nose, and then move your hand out with the palm up, as if you are flinging something off. Bring hand down from that point the natural way it moves (out and back in).  Do this 5X - 10X.  Lift your right knee and tap it with your left hand. Lift your left knee and tap it with the right hand. Alternate and repeat 5X - 10X.

Process #2:  You may stand (which I prefer) or lie down for this procedure. Place your hands at your sides and slightly separate your legs.  Take a few deep breaths to relax.  Hold your two hands over your head, three to five inches above your body. The fingers of your hands should be pointing toward the top of your head.  Beginning at the top of your head, cross and uncross your arms—palms toward your body—in a side-to-side sweeping motion, moving down toward your feet.  When you get to the point that you can no longer keep your hands positioned correctly with fingers pointing toward your head, turn your hands so the fingertips are toward your feet and continue on to just beyond your feet.  You will have to sit up in order to move your hands over the lower part of your body. This is done the entire length of your body a total of four times—twice with one hand closer to your body and the other hand crossing over above it, and then with the position of the hands switched.  You can also do this standing up.  Don’t move overly slow or fast. Also, it is better to overlap than to skip an area. There is no need to strive for perfection when engaging in this activity.

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