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Sunday, October 02, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, October 2, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

Recently, I heard a spiritual teacher sharing symptoms of ungroundedness and emphasizing how important it is to ground one’s self.  The first thing he recommended to ground was to eat meat. He then described other ways of grounding, including eating foods that have had some contact with the ground.  (Potatoes and carrots are examples.) 

The always exceptions to every rule, and it’s probably not a good thing to generalize, but I want to go on record here to point out that, in general, the higher the density of the foods one eats overall, the lower one’s frequency resonance vibration. Perhaps it might be more accurate to point out that there are many things that influence and contribute to one’s frequencies of vibration—some inclined to raise it and some inclined to lowering it.  The lighter the food one consumes and the purer and cleaner the body physical, including energy bodies, the higher the vibration.  And what is harmful to the body and energies lowers the vibration, and what is beneficial to the body raises it. So the price one pays for eating high-density meats on a daily basis (especially from chemical-fed, factory-farm-raised creatures), is a lower frequency resonance vibration and a lessened ability to tune into one’s Higher Self and Source Self and to have a highly free and clear Divine connection.  There are many ways to ground one’s body easily found on the Internet.  We have published some of them in blogs on the Angel-Light Beamer over the years.

The teacher didn’t differentiate between grounding the body and grounding the soul into the body. There are many reasons that a soul might not be maximally grounded into the body.  One is that the time of life’s end is near. Another is that a person wants to go to heavenly home more than he or she wants to continue to live.  The purpose of the Oversoul/Source Self for sending a portion of itself into the body might have been accomplished. And then there are the circumstances and situations a person may be experiencing, which is why the soul doesn’t want to continue to live.  Something not commonly discussed is the hijacking of the body by foreign negatives and the displacing of the soul from the body (from 5% on up to 95%) depending on the intentions of the foreign negatives. This piece of information is included not to instill fear in the reader’s consciousness, and we’ll include here that, if the soul wants to keep the body, there are ways to move back in and eliminate the hijacker(s). Frankly, when a soul is not majorly invested in living the life and withdraws more of its essence, it is easier for foreign negatives to move in. 

If a soul is suicidal and absolutely finds living too painful, violence to the body is not necessary. One can pray and ask for another soul to come into the body (commonly called walking in).  One would do well to set out what type of soul one wants to walk in before beginning to ask for this type of relief.  For example, if there are minor children, one special needs, then a loving, kind, compassionate soul could be requested.  If a soul hasn’t been able to raise the family out of a life of poverty, one might ask for a soul who has been successful in business and prosperous in other lives.  Personally, my choice for my body would be a soul of or compatible with Cosmic Christ Consciousness. That covers a lot of bases. For a smoother transition, and when possible, there is often a double occupancy of the body for a time before the original soul leaves.  And sometimes the original soul elects not to leave after the soul who has walked in has improved the life, and there is a body share until the body no longer lives, or the walk-in soul walks out when the original soul has committed to finishing the life.

If the reader wants additional information, we are available, and there are many resources available on the Internet (if one knows what to search for).

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