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Monday, October 10, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, October 10, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

I feel that a section of a long article of Lisa Renee (www.energeticsynthesis.com)  of September 2016 needs to be excerpted and shared on this site:

“. . . This earth needs more coherent, sane, humanitarian, selfless, and loving people that want to be of service to others. . . . This is why I would like to request those in the spiritual communities take a moment to find some kindness in your heart to stop criticizing every last word [of others that] you think you understand better, stop berating people that are more public than yourself. Start to have some human kindness in your heart. . . . Please stop criticizing and pointing fingers to blame others and get busy on working on your own spiritual pieces and actualizing your mission.  Believe me, this is not a glamorous job, and it takes all of one’s devotion, dedication, and strength.  Being slightly public, people constantly project deceptions, images, lies, and pure crap on what I [Lisa Renee] should or should not be doing. If you cannot place your life on the line and place 100% dedication at this moment to serve the Ascension times [as Lisa does] because you have other obligations in your life like marriages and children, then start introducing the practices of the Law of One in every area of your life.  Start to apply behaviors that are genuinely Loving and Kind to everyone and everything that is possible, and be a productive and positive cause in this world to do good works and be of service.  We need simple human kindness more than anything right now.  I appeal to the spiritual community to stop bickering and complaining and get to the real spiritual work of being a truly loving and kind human being.  Nothing will change on this planet if you are feeding into the divide and conquer tactics and victimizer programs by blaming and accusing others, feeling miserable, and allowing yourself to sink into the mire and become a black-hearted human being. The purity of heart is what protects us in every way, while the shadows of your mind will haunt you and invite the demonic forces to take control over your body.”

“. . . it is important to keep focused on why we are here on this earth, to help liberate earth humans from their alien oppressors, even when they are so traumatized they cannot recognize who the real oppressors are.”

There are so many wonderful articles at www.energeticsynthesis.com.  Some may be too big a consciousness stretch for you at this time, but others may be just right for you.  I resonate with the teachings of Lisa Renee.

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