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Saturday, February 18, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, February 18, 2017
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

My Comment on Facebook about the current president of the USA:  There's hope that at some point Divine Source will replace the soul occupying that body with a high-minded, evolved soul.

Person’s Comment: The body does not get a new soul, except in heart transplants. The soul acquires a new body after death of the old one, according to the soul's karma.

My Response:  There are soul rotations and switch-outs and walk-ins.

Person’s Comment:  You mean, possession?

My Response:  No! Possessions are possessions, and they can be from 5% to 95%. However, foreign negatives can braid with the soul cord of the soul resident in a human body-mind unit and can also  overshadow a human body. Also, this can happen as interventions such as this by high-consciousness light beings to assist the soul in residence. So there can be both positive and negative soul cord braids. Overlays are positive. Overshadows are negative. Except there are still some facilitators who call both overshadows and consider both positive and negative as overshadows. I prefer the term overlay for positive.

Person’s Comment: What's your take on multiple personality?

My Response: I recommend spirit release therapy and also clearing of all fragments of the psyche, soul, and energy of others before anything such as integration of personalities and healing begins. I've had alters of people with certified MPD/DID inform me that who I thought were alters “isn't one of us."  And some people have foreign negative entities of various types that can be oppressing and harassing them and expressing through their bodies to some degree. Also, a soul (sometimes called oversoul) has various facets, and many times more than one facet will be lodged and/or engaged with the human body-mind unit--sometimes temporarily to help out. I'll stop here.

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