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Sunday, February 19, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, February 19, 2017
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

The following words are from an update/post (mostly intact) of Bernhard Guenther https://www.veilofreality.com on Facebook recently. In my opinion, they need to be circulating widely because they are applicable to many other cosmic/spiritual/metaphysical teachers.

I get many messages from people asking my how to protect oneself from occult/hyperdimensional interferences, clearing of entity attachments, and various other inquiries about these and relating topics in general. Most often these questions are based on quotes and what I post on FB. Over the years, I've noticed that some people take these quotes/excerpts out of context which usually lead to distortions, misunderstandings, assumptions and false conclusions--including unnecessary fear and paranoia when some people also blame me for "fear mongering" or [claim] what I share/write about is "fear inducing". Also, there is only fear where there is lack of knowledge and understanding.  Keep in mind that most of my posts are excerpts/quotes (my own or from other authors/researchers) from my past writings and publications on my blog (based on 20 years of research, including some of my own experiences, insights, process, lessons, pitfalls, etc.) which explore these topics in depth and tie them into relating topics for nothing is isolated. There is a wealth of information on my website (https://www.veilofreality.com) with many references to other people's work and hyper-linked resources in my essays and articles, as well as films and various interviews where I also talk about relating topics and experiences not shared in my writings.

While some of my blogs tend to be "long" (entirely subjective, though), keep in mind that they are still summaries of deep and sometimes "complex" topics which most often cannot be rendered into a 10-point short article or summarized into a bumper-sticker twitter-type 145 paragraph update, let alone into a meme (which isn't meant to denounce that approach to spread information for inspiration and food for thought). Sometimes people also comment on my posts with questions which are usually addressed in the article posted (or in the articles I post in the comment section under "related"), apparently not having read the article and just responding to the quote/excerpt. So, it "should be" common sense to anyone who is sincerely interested and sincerely asking to do some reading, even though I know that can be challenging for some people in our ever diminishing short-attention-span society and sometimes people want to be "spoon-fed" information with the least effort and work on their part (and sometimes even get upset when directed to resources that require time to study and read). Ties into fast-food spirituality these days and the entitlement that comes with it. Also, it is most often impossible for me to give feedback/advice on personal matters sent to me via email or messenger. Hence, I provide my services for one-on-one sessions for anyone who wants to go deeper into their particular situation or wants to talk about some topics more in depth in person (http://www.bernhardguenther.com). I can't always do it over email/messenger and prefer eye-to-eye contact and an actual conversation as in talking, not typing words on a screen. I have no problem responding to inquires of a general nature and most often do but sometimes I also miss messages or can't always get back right away. . . . Trolls seem to have come out of the wood-works lately like parasites, and I've received some messages and emails full of projections and ad hominem attacks and also people projecting nonsense into my work which just shows they have never taken the time to actually read it. Nothing new, it doesn't bother me, just interesting to note the increase as of late.  Looks like the Matrix is a bit on over-drive lately, working through people. So, be mindful not to take the "bait" and make/take things personal when you are getting into similar situations on the internet with people hiding behind screens (and most often never put out any work out of their own).

And also, as I've said numerous times before, especially when it comes to the more fringe topics, don't believe me, question everything and do your own research--but, again, it does require time and effort to read and study--not forgetting, most importantly, the self-work/embodiment process as well so as not to get caught in the head and mistaking true Knowledge (as in embodied understanding) with intellectualizing information. And no, I do not "know everything", never claimed to and I have much respect and awe for the mystery of life and the ongoing process of the evolution of consciousness, soul embodiment process and lessons therein which are different for each of us, hence I'm also not trying to reach everyone, nor is my work for everyone. To each their own.

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