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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


October 13, 2009

What kind of person violates other people by cording and extending into them? Some of these violators are people of good intent who do so unconsciously. For example, we found a large number of these when doing an Soul-Personality-Energy analysis for a partially disabled person who has experienced hardships since a powerful hurricane struck the Gulf coast of the USA a few years ago. Mostly, caring and concerned family and friends were violating his/her energy. These people would not think of doing such a thing intentionally and aren't aware such a thing has occurred.

Another kind of person violates covertly with what they consider good intent and, usually, no one can convince them that their reasoning is not on the up-and-up. They "know" what their targets need and insert themselves into the spaces of others--usually without invitation. They cannot seem to let go--even when told to do so by the objects of their intentions. Overbearing parents and co-dependent personalities come to mind. Reality can be twisted by such as these to match their truths.

Another type of violator that is very important to mention is interdimensional and intradimensional entities (and entities can be both positive and negative) who are using particular human body-units to support their purposes (with their hosts being unaware of what is going on). There are those who gain access to other human body-mind units by cording and extending into them, and then others of their network are downloaded. Implants follow and often installations. Many times, the host is fed a fantasy/fairy tale to facilitate the occupancy and use of the human body-mind unit by these violators. I give these entities the benefit of a doubt. Some of these situations are arranged and agreed to by the divine soul and its hierarchy.

And that brings us to the term "illegal." We (the Angel-Light team) use this word a lot during the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (also called Clearing-Healing Process). We also "separate the wheat from the chaff" with the description "hostile, harmful, toxic, sabotaging." That's the bottom line. Divine soul's will be done.

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Angel-Light Love
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